Where to Find A Stripe Slouchy Pullover Top

Stripe Slouchy Pullover

Stripe Slouchy Top and White Denim Jeans

Stripe Slouchy Pullover

Stripe Slouchy Pullover

Stripe Slouchy Top with Pink Handbag

Slouchy Stripe Pullover

Stripe Slouchy Top and White Denim Jeans

Stripe Slouchy Pullover Top

Stripe Slouchy Pullover (also in  other colors ) : Jeans : Handbag (also in tan) : Earrings : Flats (similar mine are from Target ages ago lol ): Lipstick (my favorite)

Summer is right around the corner but you better believe I am wearing my spring outfits/colors all I can. Today’s stripe slouchy pullover top is a new favorite of mine.

I tend to buy in grouping because this is my 3rd post very recently with a stripe top lol. I featured this stripe pullover with buttons on the back and it was a hit. Also this stripe themed post got great feedback.It is interesting to see how I buy in pairs without even realizing it. But maybe I am not the only one that loves stripes this time of year. When you’re shopping for something as specific as a stripe top, you get really excited when you find several options. It is exciting when you do find stripe tops that are flattering most of all. That is the case for me lately. This stripe slouchy pullover top actually comes in 6 other super cute colors too.

I love the slouchy element to it because it’s very comfortable and freeing to not have a clingy top. Honestly it felt like a PJ top because the material is so soft. The sleeves are such a fun feminine part too. The fit on the shoulders is in a way where you may want to wear it off shoulder. I chose just to wear it normally. Also a little accessory I couldn’t pass up on it the pink handbag. The light pink color is perfect for spring and it’s great to add some color to a basic outfit. Check out the above picture that show the too cute cheetah print inside.

What trends or styles have you been wearing over and over again lately? Have you been buying a lot of similar things like I have with stripe tops? Let me know in the comments below.

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Love, Naomi Noel



10 thoughts on “Where to Find A Stripe Slouchy Pullover Top

  1. As a fellow Texas girl (san antonio area) I’m amazed you can stand wearing long sleeve tops when it’s this hot! I’m already in tanks and shorts haha.
    Also, I love the color combo! white+black+pale pink looks fantastic with your dark hair!

    1. Thank you! The weather this time of year as you know is very back and forth so there has been days I am pulling out my sweaters. I am such a fan of sweaters etc I use any excuse to wear them. But yes it is very hot now and yes I am wearing shorts already. Lucky to some of my readers in cooler climates that can still wear this outfit like no big deal for even longer. Have a great weekend 🙂

  2. I love love love this pullover! Exactly what I would wear when I feel like going casual and chic:) Looks so comfy and the sleeves have great cut too, wide and slouchy.
    xoxo Sharka

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