Athleisure: Athletic Wear For Anyone & My Number 1 Goal for 2017


Athletic Wear

Athleisure Outfit

Happy Monday! Are you feeling “it” whatever “it” is after the Super Bowl weekend? I am lol. Today’s Athleisure outfit is pretty much my mood right now.

Athleisure is pretty popular right now. I guess because athletic wear and just being cute and casual has a cool name LOL. It is nothing new but it is something that is more defined now as an actual style I guess. Wherever the term came from and the trend, it is a style that anyone can relate to. I work in an office attire job so when I come home this type of outfit is more of my jam.

For today’s Athleisure look I kept it pretty simple because that’s really what the style is all about. First, I love cardigans especially when it’s cooler. So the cardigan is perfect for this time of the year. Next, I kept it simple with a Cami underneath and some really cool leggings. You might not be able to tell from the pictures but the leggings have like a see-through side panel type of thing. It is really cool. Also these pictures are a little dark and cloudy. I had someone help me take them but normally I have my photographer that takes them. She was busy and I didn’t want to be anywhere out and about this past weekend with the Super Bowl here in town. Sorry y’all.

 The real statement piece let’s be honest is the super cute pink sneakers. They are so comfortable and so easy to slip into. They’re like a melon peachy pink color and I just absolutely love them. You have to go check them out. Finally my favorite pair of sunglasses at the moment is also linked below.

Athleisure Black and Pink Outfit

Nike Side Panel Leggings and Pink Nike Shoes

The personal piece of this post is that my number 1 goal this year to be healthier. I am talking about health in a sense of both physical and overall well-being. I have dealt with some health issues and honestly did not address the health concerns last year. Life was crazy and really went through a lot last year. But regardless I was not taking care of my health and there is no excuse for that. Honestly, I ignored the warning signs my body was giving me. I just didn’t address my health concerns and issues I was having. But more and more I value how beautiful health is and how important it is. Now this year my goal is to really focus on being healthy in every sense. No excuses!

Also, I am a huge advocate for well-being which is why I have written about it already in these 2 posts here and here. I preach to others about taking care of yourself but I haven’t always taken my own advice. I have been working on having more balance. It is really important. Both mental and physical health should be a priority and I’m making it that not just this year but a lifestyle! What do you do to maintain balance in your life? What is a really important goal to you this year 2017?

Maxi Cardigan (and similar since not all sizes left): Legging with Side Panel : Cami : Sneakers : Aviator Sunglasses

Love, Naomi Noel