Aviator Cutaway Blazer: A Modern Twist to the Classic Blazer

Modern Twist on a Classic Blazer

Aviator Cutaway Blazer

This week I am excited to say that I am going to be doing a blog post every day. I am doing this because Finite1 is turning 1 this Sunday and I want to put out all the stops. I have never done blog posts every single day in a row. If you follow me on Instagram, you saw in my latest IG Stories, I mentioned there would be exciting things so this is day 1. Stay tuned for all kinds of cool posts this week and something special happening on my Instagram. First, let’s get into today’s Aviator Cutaway Blazer look.

Monday reminds most of us that it is time to head back to work. Monday blues are real most of the time but that doesn’t mean you have to look how you feel. There is something about an awesome outfit you feel confidence in to lift your mood. That is what this outfit does for me.

Red Pencil Skirt with Aviator Blazer

Aviator Cutaway Blazer

First, this outfit is totally work appropriate. I love showcasing work wear style on my blog because I do work full time and have a dress code. Next and most important I am obsessed with this blazer. It is called the Aviator Cutaway Blazer. It is a modern twist on the classic blazer. Blazers are always a good idea especially for the working woman but this blazer is edgy and fun. The design of this aviator cutaway blazer is to keep even an office look interesting. I am wearing this particular blazer a lot with many outfits. It is such a good investment piece and also a statement piece. It is almost well for sure a guarantee you will see this aviator cutaway blazer in a blog post outfit again.

I like adding something unexpected sometimes to an outfit. I actually went with a bold colored skirt. Red is such a confidence booster cooler and it really complimented well with the cool tone olive color of the blazer. The red pencil skirt has a crazy awesome detail with a long gold zipper. So you can keep the pencil skirt professional and if you want to spice it up with more more leg for a dinner or date night out.

Red Pencil Skirt with Gold Side Zipper

Aviator Cutaway Blazer Jacket

The light colored beige cami underneath was perfect with the gold accessories.  I chose to tuck in the cami to keep the outfit tailored. Finally, the gold necklace/handbag and gold aviator sunglasses were a perfect pop to the outfit. Also my favorite sand colored pumps make an appearance again and will continue to make an appearance. I am super picky about shoes so finding these pumps was a treasure oh wait they are called treasure pumps lol.

Thank you for reading today’s post and I am so excited about this week’s content. Follow along on all my social media channels for the latest Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Aviator Cutaway Blazer (I got size 2 for reference): Cami (in stone): Pencil Skirt (suppose to be really fitted so I got 0) : Pumps : Necklace : Handbag (similar on final sale at Express): Sunglasses

Love, Naomi Noel



2 thoughts on “Aviator Cutaway Blazer: A Modern Twist to the Classic Blazer

  1. I love this blazer. The cut and the color are amazing! It’s perfect with the red! Can’t believe it’s been a year. Seems like yesterday we connected on IG! Time flies! But congrats, girl! I look forward to reading your blog everyday. And I can’t wait to hear the rest of the exciting news! xo

    1. Yes time does go by fast. I really feel very new still to blogging since I am not a full time blogger lol. Thank you for your support. Well the other fun news will be on my Instagram. Nothing super huge just something fun lol.

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