Why it is Beautiful to Let Dead Things Go: Letting Go of the Past


The trees are about to show us how beautiful it is to let the dead things go. Being surrounded today by fall foliage on vacation, I have been thinking about how that quote is an analogy to our own lives. Nature teaches us that there is beauty in letting go.

Is there something in your past that you are holding on to? Maybe it is regret or maybe a relationship that went sour. We can hold onto the negative and hurtful things of the past for the rest of our lives if we chose. It can seem like our past will always trail us . I have had that mentality and still struggle with that. Honestly, I have been at that point where I have to face my past. I missed a lot of great opportunities in college and I blame myself fully for missing those opportunities. The pain of regret has caused me to beat up myself so to speak for many years. My thoughts were always how much better my life might be now, had I not been so careless and stubborn. Do you feel that way too about something you blew or about someone who did you wrong? Here is the truth. I am here. You are still here. My heart is still beating and there is air in my lungs. There is purpose and a plan for my life and your life designed by God. There is still an awesome future out there but

Why do we hold onto dead things? For one reason it is familiar. I became familiar with the struggle and familiar with the pain of my missed opportunities. I even became afraid that the next decision I made, I would screw up because I no longer had faith in myself. My mentality was messed up that I didn’t even recognize that I was holding onto my past and it was hurting me. Another reason people hold onto the past is because it hurts sometimes to let go. Healing is not an easy process. A relationship that died off or someone that did you wrong or a major failure can pierce your soul and the pain can stay with you. The pain is easier to hold onto sometimes because we do not want to forgive someone else but mostly we can’t forgive ourselves. Letting go is vulnerable but nature does it.

Have you seen fall foliage in person or seen pictures of it? The fall colors on the trees are gorgeous and I have not met one person yet that didn’t think it was beautiful. Most importantly, nature has taught that though it can be painful to let go, it is vital. Think about this.  When the fall trees are at their most vulnerable point, while shedding their leaves for winter, they are at their most beautiful point. Then winter comes next. When we think of winter in concept we could think of dead things and buried things. But actually winter is a time for rest, recovery, and recouping. For after the winter comes spring and with spring comes new beginnings and a re-birthing. Life can begin fresh and new again!

letting go

Just like it is essential to the natural cycle of tree’s life to let their leaves go, so it is essential to the healthiness of our lives to let dead things go. What are you holding on? If you are wondering why you can’t see to move forward, maybe it is because you are trying to bring dead things from your past to your future. You can’t be at peace in the present, and enjoy the future, if you are holding onto the past. I am so grateful that nature teaches us how beautiful it is to let dead things go.

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Love, Naomi Noel



10 thoughts on “Why it is Beautiful to Let Dead Things Go: Letting Go of the Past

  1. Beautifully said Naomi! So true that holding on only hurts us and drags us down. It has hurt me more to hold on to it, than let it go, which was opposite of what I thought would happen of course 😉 Thank you for sharing a refreshing perspective that we need to cling to! Have a great week! 🌸

  2. I love this post Naomi! It’s so true holding on only hurts us, we have to focus to the future and be more positive about it.
    Thank you for sharing!
    Have a great weekend babe.
    XO Erica

  3. I couldn’t have agreed more with u Naomi.

    I watched a short video shared on Whatsapp earlier that a professor handed a blank sheet of paper with a black spot on it and told the students to write an essay. All of them wrote about the black dot – how it is dark and in the middle of the paper.

    Most often in life, we only focus on the dark spots & we missed the beautiful things in life that we ought to celebrate about. The dark spots are actually very minute compared to everything we have in our lives. Hence I think your post is a wake up call for us to let go of the ghosts of the past so that we can embrace a brighter future 🙂

    It’s a powerful share – hope we can all lead a more fulfilling life to love and add values to the people around us.

  4. what a beautiful post, dear! Sorry to hear that you have missed a lot of stuff, but you can always start now. I think better don’t blame the time that passed, because you have learned something new and motivated you to not make other mistakes!

  5. I think this is all so true! I am definitely guilty of holding on to regrets and also not being forgiving of past events. Even though I know I will be a lot happier if I were able to do so! Definitely something I’m working on. xx

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