The Best Holiday Dresses under $200: Holiday Dresses for Any Occasion

The Holiday Season is in full swing! It is holiday dress shopping time. There are so many out there that it is hard to choose. Well today I am making it easier on you by creating a Style Guide for Holiday Dresses for Any Occasion. I feature Holiday Dresses for 3 main categories of occasions that I grouped these dresses in. All of these dresses are priced under $200 and some are also under $100. These holiday dresses are also some brands I have worn before and are from one of my favorite stores. I tried my best to only link dresses where all sizes or most all sizes were available but you better believe they are selling out fast. Let’s get started.

CockTail Holiday Dresses and Party Holidayy Dresses

  1. Cocktail/Party Holiday Dresses

These dresses are for holiday events like a fun girl’s night out or dinner with friends or even a blogger holiday event if you are a blogger. These dresses are fun and flirty without showing too much skin.The picture is an example of the ones you will find in the click through slides. There are also other colors available in some of the dresses. I featured plenty of dress options with the hottest styles of the season like velvet and fringe. For velvet and fringe inspiration check out this velvet street style look and this velvet feminine look. Fringe is in this season and this perfect fringe sweater featured here, is sure to keep you in the fringe trend. With these cocktail/party dresses there are also sparkle, sequin, and satin options. These dresses are also perfect for New Year’s Eve parties and events. As cute as these dresses are, there are not all options for staying warm in cold temperatures lol. I would suggest to pair any of these dresses with a trench coat or any fancy coat you want and maybe added some black tights with ankle booties. If you need extra warm add these suggestions so that once you are inside, you can rock any cocktail or party holiday dresses.

Office Party Holiday Dresses and Family Party Holiday Dresses

2. Office Party/Family Party Holiday Dresses

This next set of dresses are the most versatile, because they really can work for any event or occasion you have this holiday season. You can see this by the picture but there are other options again in the click through. Of course there are other colors in some of these dresses available as well. These dresses are more on the conservative side, so I chose to group them in this category. All of these dresses are holiday season approved with sequin, satin, velvet, sparkle, and much more. They are also warmer options with plenty of long sleeve and short sleeve dresses with longer hems to keep these legs warm. There are 3 cape style dresses and 2 bell sleeve dresses. Cape Style and Bell Sleeve Style has been a very popular trend this season and I can see why. Cape style and bell sleeve styles are super feminine and classy for any woman. Read more about Cape style coats, jackets, dresses, blouses, and more here and here. Read more about another classy and elegant trend, Bell Sleeves, here and here.  This group of office party or family party dresses are classy, timeless, elegant, and flattering for you to rock out so check them out.

Formal Holiday Dresses and Long Holiday Dresses

3. Formal/Long Holiday Dresses

Do you have a ball, a banquet, fancy even to go to, or just want a long holiday dress? This next set of dresses are what you need. Again, the picture with the 5 listed is just a clip of the dresses I have in the menu you can click through all. There are also dresses with other color options. These dresses are classy and elegant for a young lady or a more mature lady. None of these options are frumpy lol but they will keep you warmer. These dresses are longer hems, some maxi styles, and some high and low hem styles. Hi and low style hem dresses are a fun way to add extra flare to a dress. For style inspiration on high and low hem style dresses check out this and this.  Of course all of these dresses feature holiday approved styles like the other categories with sequin, sparkle, velvet, satin and more all under $200.

Thank you for reading this Holiday Dresses for Any Occasion. This post is open to interpretation lol. I just chose to group them the way I did.  Did I mentioned some of these dresses are available in other colors so click around? Yes Naomi, you did like 3 times lol but just in case you missed that memo. I try to make it understandable. If you want to be stylish this holiday season but you are thinking in the back of your mind about staying warm, I have a whole style guide for you on types of coats and jacket you can read here. Also most of these dresses would look fine with black tights or light tan tights. You can even pair these dresses with ankle booties or ankle bootie wedges like this or some type of closed shoe. That will help as well and grab some cute mittens or gloves to lock the heat in.

If you have any questions or special requests send me an email here.

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Holiday Dresses for Any Occasion

Love, Naomi Noel