A Double Lace Spring Look + Cutest Scalloped Tote

Double the Lace Spring Look + The Cutest Scalloped Tote

A Double Lace Srping Look

Double the Lace Spring Look and a Scalloped Tote

A Double Lace Spring Look

Scalloped Tote

Scalloped Tote and Spring Look

Lace Tank (comes in several colors) : Button Jean Leggings : Lace up Sneakers : Sunglasses : Scalloped Tote : Earrings : Watch ( only black is left ): Lipstick

Happy Monday!  The only Monday Blues I want are the blues in this outfit. Today it is all about  a double lace spring look.

Spring pastel colors are so beautiful and feminine and my love for lace is loud in the spring outfit. This baby blue lace neck tank gives me all the Spring season feels. I liked it so much that I got in another color. I actually just walked into Express for jeans and came out with 2 extra tops instead. Whoops. Since it was practical for work and casual, I felt I could justify it. Also getting it in another colors seems like a good idea because I am the type of gal if I really like something, I get other colors. Are you like that? That kind of shopping method has happened to me a lot.

I am typing this on Monday and as of now Express is having 40% off their jeans. I have worn these button jean leggings so much since I have bought them. You may actually think I don’t have any other jeans lol but I do love them. Jeans are not cheap but getting a good pair of jeans like these is worth it. They are on sale for under 50 right now.

I couldn’t stop my love of lace and this outfit just needed more lace. I think spring time is the perfect time to mix lace patterns into an outfit. I love these lace up sneakers. The color is so beautiful and perfect for spring. They are comfy and by one of my favorite designers. The shoes are the perfect color to pair with a white lace top or another pink lace top. Lace is fun to play with and so feminine so don’t be afraid to plan out a double lace spring look.

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Love, Naomi Noel



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  1. Wow, you really look amazing in this outfit and especially these sneakers are very cute. 😀
    Do you wear them without any socks, are they comfy this way?

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