Fun Summer Floral Dress under 100

Summer Floral Dress for under 100

Fun Summer Floral Dress with Naomi Trevino

Summer Floral Dress

Summer Floral Dress

Neon Floral Summer Dress

Neon Floral Summer Dress

Neon Floral Summer Dress

Neon Floral Dress for Summer

Summer Floral Neon Dress

Summer Floral Dress

Neon Floral Dress  and in petite here : Satchel : Sunglasses : Sandals : Lipstick : Bracelet

Happy weekend! One of my favorite types of dresses are Floral dresses. I love Floral dresses especially during spring but I love finding some fun Floral dresses for summer. Today’s summer Floral dress is perfect for the current season.

Summer is all about brighter and warmer colors. I have been really loving the coral and orange shades lately like this top. Especially in the summer time when I’m not so pale, I love coral and orange tones. This neon Floral dress combines my love of bright summer colors and Floral. It is very flattering with the asymmetrical sleeve. How fun is the sleeve detail like that? It was perfect for a nice lunch outfit that day in Dallas. This summer Floral dress is great for church or a special function as well.

I would recommend sizing up if you do have a larger chest. I got the size 0 and it wasn’t super tight but I could have gone with the 2 for my chest honestly.

I’m glad these pictures worked out because it was cloudy and rainy that weekend. My hair was a mess and everything was still wet but the show must go on. Also I am one of those people that always forgets something every day especially when I’m traveling. I left my gorgeous huge eyeshadow palette at home. So here I am getting ready for pictures in Dallas with a short time frame. So I grabbed my bronzer and put some on my eyelids. Bloggers will tell you, it’s all about improvising sometimes lol.

Have a great evening/rest of your weekend!

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Love, Naomi Noel