Grey Knit Sweater Two Different Ways


Happy weekend to you! Today on Finite1, I am talking all about a grey knit sweater two different ways.

With the winter weather in full force, we need some options to stay warm. Thankfully a knit sweater does the trick. The grey knit sweater is super cozy and comfy. It is also loose fitting so it can be paired with leggings or skinny jeans. The grey knit sweater could be worn alone or with a coat like this wrap coat.



Next, the grey wrap coat is also another super cozy option. I am obsessed with it and it is such a good buy. The wrap coat added with the sweater is an easy second look. The wrap coat also comes in tan. It was also featured in this look as well.

Next, the white denim skinny jeans with the buckles really add style to any look. The white skinny jeans are comfortable and as cute as they looked online. That is also a win for online shopping lol. Next, I added some pink into this look with the handbag and pumps. I have been on this fix of blush and light pink because I am buying so much of it lately. Pink is fun anytime of the year but maybe I am just gearing up more for Valentine’s looks. I’ll use that as an excuse. In addition to my love of pink, there is a theory behind wearing light and blush pink this time of year.


Grey Knit Sweater



Recently, I did a whole post on mixing cool tone colors with pastel tone colors. Styling like that is not just a fun way to mix and match colors but to also create many different outfits. I am all about budgeting and mix and matching my wardrobe. Read that style guide post for some tips here. Lastly, the light pink pumps are comfortable enough to walk downtown in them because that’s what I did. They come in other colors and I think I need to buy the others colors pronto.



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Grey Knit Sweater and other here : Wrap Coat (final sale) : White Denim Skinny Jeans (the link is being funky so can also shop it here): Light Pink Pumps : Light Pink Handbag : Silver Rimmed Sunglasses

Love, Naomi Noel