Keep Showing Up: What Consistency Really Is

Keep Showing Up

Do you ever feel tired of working so hard and giving it your all? Do you just want to quit sometimes?  Are you tired of doing the right thing and feeling like it is not working out in your favor? Are you tired of keep showing up?  Can I get a show of hands because I will put both my hands up on this one. It is exhausting to keep showing up.

Do you have days, weeks, or months when you want to quit school and just forget it. Bloggers do you want to quite blogging some days in your frustration? Instagram is nuts and there are constant pulls and changes in the blogging business right? I have been there in my life.

School was very much a situation where I was tired of keeping showing up. I had days where I got dressed for school only to show up to withdrawal and maybe get some refund. As worn out as I was, somehow I kept showing up. Day after day into year after year, I kept showing up. Frustration was there and there was too many days I was just forget homework, but a part of me still showed up. It was truly a desire of mine to get a degree and I realized it was ingrained in my heart. Because of that even on the hard days, I kept showing up and eventually I finished school. It wasn’t always glamorous, doing hard things aren’t usually, but I finished.

There is so much sound advice out there that people give about working towards you goals working hard and pushing. Can we keep it real that sometimes I’ve wanted to scream at people that said “it will be worth it and good things take time”. Don’t you want to sometimes shake “they “  whoever they is. When you feel so tired and you feel like no none gets it, I promise you there is someone in your shoes. We all have things to overcome and preserve through. It takes more energy most times to motivate yourself than to actually do the thing you are trying to be motivated for. There are challenges I have had in life where I was my own obstacle most times. I was my own road in the block to keep showing up.

There is sometimes a 5 page sermon as they say and sometimes just one line that helps in situation. Usually the later works for me because it is a golden nugget I can hang out to and repeat to myself. I want to encourage you and me to keep showing up.

Those are the winners because they physically, emotionally, and psychologically understand what is takes invest your whole self into to making things work. That’s success. It is isn’t always the flashy ones one that are always so visibly motivated that make it, it is the ones who just stick to the basic idea of showing up. Consistency, grit, perseverance are quality skills that make up a quality person. There is no package you can buy at the grocery store for consistency, but there is a simple formula you can run with right away, keep showing up.

Whatever it is that you are struggling with, just showing up makes a huge difference. I believe in taking breaks when you’re burned out but stay with it. I’m here for you. I go through discouragement just the same. If you want to chat, let me know.  Feel free to email me at or send me out a Tweet to @naomi_noel_and reach out.

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Keep Showing Up

Love, Naomi Noel



14 thoughts on “Keep Showing Up: What Consistency Really Is

  1. What an inspiring post Naomi! I’ve been to a few personal development courses and all of them emphasised that successful people are consistent in whatever they do which is why they are successful. But besides being consistent, I learnt that they are action takers who will take action promptly and recalibrate their bearings if their initial action did not yield desired results. So I guess we need to be consistent in doing the right things and be fast to change our plans if things don’t go right for us ❤️

  2. Amen and amen!
    I can relate to every word in your post. I also would like to add that concurrence is unfair. I don’t know whether to call it destiny or karma or what, but for some people things are definitely meant to be harder and heavier, some people just have to struggle more and hustle while other people just go lightly and obtain their goals, with hard work of course, but much lesser pain and drama. The only pity is that the advice and the “tips to success” are usually written by those who obtained their success relatively “easy”. What can I say? I don’t buy those tips. I only want to read what people who succeed despite having a hard time in life have to say. Those are the true winners.
    We shall keep showing up and you, my dear, are doing very well at it!!

    1. Agree. Some people have a head start and others like us have to work to even get a head start but that doesn’t’ mean I won’t stop trying. There is room for all of us!

  3. Actually, when I was in school I had no problem with being consistent: I knew that after hard work I was gonna get high grades. Yes, few times I got frustrated because I didn’t get exactly what I wanted, but it wasn’t hard. Blogging is a whole other story. When I started blogging and posting on Instagram, that’s when the real struggle kicked in. Sometimes I work super hard on an article or a photoshoot and it turns out people don’t like it as much as I do. That makes me sad and discouraged. Sometimes I can handle it, some other times I can’t. But I guess I’ll have to accept this ’cause I have no control over it!

  4. I do have sometimes this, but keep working hard! U shouldn’t worry about anything and just keep working hard! We all have this moment!

  5. Work work work and try hard, harder, hardest….its very tough but only persistency, consistency will get us where we want. And if not – world will not crumble:)
    xoxo Sharka

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