Light Blue Tie Cuff Sweater + the Importance of Finding the Right Sizes

Light Blue Tie Cuff Sweater..

Blue Tie Cuf Sweater

Tie Cuff Sweater and Indigo Wash Skinny Jeans

Light Blue Tie Cuff Sweater

Light Blue Tie Cuff Sweater

Womens Tie Cuff Sweater and Skinny Jeans

Tie Cuff Sweater

Tie Cuff Sweater (in petite and regular) : Jeans : Loafers : Earrings : Sunglasses

Have you ever second guessed yourself when it came to buying a particular size of an outfit piece? I have too many times. So I am keeping it real in today’s post about this adorable tie cuff sweater.

First, I absolutely love this light blue tie cuff sweater. The sleeves are the cutest ever with the ribbon to make a bow. I am in love.  Next, I discovered one of my favorite fashion bloggers Emily from the Sweetest Thing actually featured it as well. I had no idea till I was looking at her blog after I got it. I can see why it is popular even to attract a successful blogger like Emily. The tie cuff sweater screams girly and feminine.

So here is my confession about this tie cuff sweater. I sometimes buy petite sizes because I want outfits to fit more tailored. This tie cuff sweater is from Topshop and I got the petite sizing which was a bad idea for me. I have a very long torso for a petite person so this sweater hiked up way more than I was expecting. The tie cuff sweater is suppose to be looser fitting.  I will be exchanging for the regular fitting. I should have known because I ordered one other thing in petite from Topshop and it was too short for my also long legs. Bottom line if you have long legs and or a long torso, go ahead and get the regular sizes when it comes to Topshop. It can be a challenge getting it just right but I want to always inform my blog readers of best practices.

The skinny jeans with an indigo wash are so pretty with any sweater but particularly this light blue. I love these skinny jeans and they are super form fitting but they stretch really well.  Also the light pink loafers are out of this world comfortable. They come in wide and regular. So here is another size glitch I had. The light pink loafers to me were half a size bigger than usual. I am just being honest on my sizing glitches with this outfit as much as I am in love with all these pieces.  I will exchange accordingly so I am in the clear now. Nordstrom thankfully has a fairly flexible return policy, which is where I got the whole outfit so that helps. Lastly, my go to sunglasses and current favorite earrings finish off the look.

Thank you for reading and hope you had an awesome Valentine’s Day!

Love, Naomi Noel



14 thoughts on “Light Blue Tie Cuff Sweater + the Importance of Finding the Right Sizes

  1. Such a cute sweater. I love the detailed sleeves. The powder blue and soft pink shoes are a great pair. You look beautiful.


  2. I love the tie detail, I have the same in cream and yes – it is longer which looks a bit better:) However this colour is amazing on you and also I love the location you chose for your shoot! Super nice!
    xoxo Sharka

  3. I really love the tie detail! I have a super short torso so I have the opposite problem. Certain sweaters look awkward on me because of the length. It’s good to know your body and what looks good on you.

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