How to Mix and Match Fall Colors: Jewel Tone Colors

Happy Fall! Today I am going to be talking about one of my favorite things about fall and that is the Jewel Tone Colors. What are Jewel Tone Colors and how are they like an eye shadow palette?

Side Note: These pics are not the bomb because I am learning my new fancy camera I just bought and it rained within 10 minutes of taking pics. The wind was nuts and it was dark. My camera got wet running for cover but it survived.




Jewel Tones

My outfit features what are called Jewel Tone Colors. Jewel tones are colors like wine, cranberry red, amethyst, rust, emerald green etc. These colors are so beautiful to mix and match with. Think about Jewel Tones like an eye shadow palette. Any of the combinations on that eye shadow palette complement each other. That’s why makeup brands like Urban Decay give a palette a theme, like the Naked Smoky etc. It is the same concept with jewel tones for fall fashion. Pick 2 or 3 jewel tones together and you can make a lot of outfits with it.

Here is a little palette I created to show you what I mean.


For example, my outfit started with a rust colored blazer. I added a maroon colored lace blouse and repeated that color with my heels. I added a pop of color with my emerald leggings. My maroon colored hat finished off the look and some gold earrings for extra jewel tone pop. I picked 3 jewel tones and I made a colorful and fall appropriate outfit. I could mix and match this look another way. I could add a rust colored blouse with the rust colored blazer. I could pair it with my amethyst (purple) pants I have.

Another thing I like about this outfit is that it is transitional. I am wearing fall colors but I wasn’t dying of sweat. I had some breathing room with shoes. But when my hometown Houston gets cooler, I could add boots later to this look. Additionally, I could add a scarf to make it more appropriate when it gets cooler.

Jewel tone colors are what I love about fall fashion. Fall fashion is my favorite. Fall is my favorite season. I love everything pumpkin spice and the fall foliage. Yes I have to travel to see that but it’s still worth it. Well I hope you enjoyed this post on how to mix and match fall colors. Wishing you a happy and cute fall fashion season!

I bought this whole outfit last fall season but here are some similar styles in the colors I used.

Jacket – NordstromBlouse – New York & Company: Leggings – Dillard’s : Shoes – Dillard’s : Hat – Target 

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Love, Naomi Noel



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  1. I love jewel tones!!! I’m so excited that it’s finally fall (whether or not it feels like it in Houston) and I can bring these colors out of my closet and into my life!!

  2. I am obsessed with jewel colors! Especially in the fall. Love the look you’ve created! Emerald and cranberry are two of my favorites! 🙂

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