Mocha Embroidered Shift Dress with Blooms & Linen Boutique

Mocha Embroidered Shift Dress

Mocha Shift Dress

Mocha Colored Shift Dress

Mocha Shift Dress with Pockets

Mocha Embroidered Shift Dress.

Dress : Blooms & Linen Boutique : Sandals (similar ) Booties (similar here and here )

Happy Monday. Hope it’s been a great one. Today I am excited to talk about this Mocha Embroidered Shift Dress because I love where it’s from.

Blooms and Linen Boutique is where this Mocha  Embroidered Shift Dress is from. First, I love talking about brands on my blog that I believe in lol. It’s been great to work with brands as a blogger but some have been hit and bad misses to be honest. Blooms and Linen Boutique thankfully was a win. Honestly I knew it would be good because they were so sweet when I was talking with them. I had a good feeling about their Boutique. They really went the extra mile to help me and the item came to me quick. The Mocha Embroidered Shift Dress is so fun and feminine on and it even has pockets!!!!  It made even my pale self look tanned which was a cool bonus.
From a bloggers perspective and a customers perspective , they were a great brand to Collab with. Check out their beautiful boutique here.
Finally, this dress is perfect to make your own for winter and going into spring. I choose to pull my tan booties from my closet and my lace up sandals to show two different looks. It’s so funny because when I took these photos, it literally went from hot to cold. The wind was crazy which is a miracle I got any decent photos and the temperature dropped like crazy while talking these. So I literally went from my little lace up sandals to putting the warmer option on with the sock and booties. I am giving you tips on how to wear this all the while it happened liked this.
Thank you for reading. I have a lot of content coming your way this week!

Love, Naomi Noel