Nordstrom Anniversary Sale : Tips & Brands I Love at Nordstrom


Hey everyone! The time has come and I don’t mean that in a scary way but in the I don’t know how to sleep tonight excitement kind of way! The Nordstrom anniversary sale starts tomorrow 12:01 am pacific time so in the wee hours. You better believe people are staying up and I am one of them. What is the entire buzz about? What is the Nordstrom Anniversary sale for 2017 and what does Nordstrom really offer?

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017

  1. Early access starts in the wee hours the 13th tomorrow and runs through the 20th. You can look at the new items online but you can’t buy them without having a Nordstrom credit card.
  2. The sale opens to the public July 21st – August 6th
  3. The items that are available during the Nordstrom Anniversary sales are normally not offered at other time during the year and they are never discounted this much.
  4. The items are tons of brand new items for transitioning into fall and fall wardrobe.
  5. Items sell like hot cakes literally within minutes or same day. If you get distracted for a few hours on YouTube (that’s me) and have those items sitting in your cart, they could be gone when you log back in. I say that from personal experience.

Tips for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017

  1. Bottom line, you want it, grab it fast, and do the happy dance. There is a lot of stock to choose from so there is something for everyone. Items are not guaranteed to restock and they will go back to full price August 7th.
  2. Check your wardrobe now. Is there any essentials you really need and want going into fall that costs a lot full price like coats and boots or anything fall wardrobe. Search for those items first when the sale starts.
  3. Remember that Nordstrom has free shipping so know that not only did you get good sales items and exclusive items but you get it shipped to you for free.

Why I Love Nordstrom

I use to think that I could not afford Nordstrom. Let’s be real I got bills and a student loans I need to pay off. I started trying out different brands that Nordstrom carries and I realize I was wrong. Nordstrom has so many great brands they carry and at reasonable prices. They carry lots of great brands that have tops under 50 or under 100 and dresses under 100. The quality is really there too which is amazing.

Some of my favorite brands that Nordstrom carries is Free People, Sam Edelman, and also brands that have under $100 options like Caslon, Halogen, Topshop, BP. Madwell, Leith and Vince Camuto.

The outfits below are obviously summer and spring outfits not the Anniversary Sale items but are examples from the Nordstrom brands I mentioned that I love. If you have any questions with sizing, please comment me or DM me or comment on my Instagram. I will be covering the Nordstrom Anniversary sale a lot so you can always ask.

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Love, Naomi Noel