Pink Ruffle Sweater and My Current Go to Color

Pink Ruffle Sweater and Navy Dress Pants

Have you ever gotten stuck on well buying the same color over and over? I am in that situation right now. I am buying everything fabulous in light pink and blush. Today’s pink ruffle sweater is another one of my current favorites.

My pink obsession lately has been featured in this post and this post. I am sure I have more coming. I am making no apologizes lol. First, pink is girly and feminine so that’s always a good thing. Next pink can be paired with either warm colors or cool colors. The pink ruffle sweater I am wearing is also a standout statement piece. That is why I paired it with a cooler tone like navy blue. This combination is also very rich and polished looking.

Pink Ruffle Sweater

Guess Liya Satchel

I have a secret about this look also. I live in Houston and so it never really gets cold.  In addition to warmer winters, we have lots of rain and sometimes ice. The day I took these photos, it was record breaking low temperatures and the wind was strong as well as ice. I am super stubborn so I was determined to take the pictures. Therefore I needed to stay on schedule and do these photos.

So I get there at the location early in the AM and no one is out. Everyone is hibernating. The only person we saw was the security officer in his warm cozy vehicle driving around the shopping center. Later on, there was a big burly dude all bundled up like it was the North Pole walking his little dog lol. He just stopped and gave that look like lady you are crazy and walked on. Anyways, it took me ages to get feeling back in my feet again so I couldn’t drive from that spot for at least 15 minutes. My feet were that frozen solid. Mad respect for bloggers that live in places where there is legit winter.

Pink and Navy Outift

Pink Ruffle SweaterTop

Back to the outfit, these dress pants are super flattering. They do come in regular, petite, and tall. I did get them in the petite size. Also the pink ruffle sweater is a little bit of a crop sweater so I chose to pair it with a cami underneath. This is super optional. Finally this beautiful white and black handbag is the cutest thing. Thank you for reading today’s random thoughts and post about my pink ruffle sweater. It is selling out super fast so grab it quick.

Ruffle Sweater : Cami : Dress Pants (in regular, petite, and tall; ) : Black pumps : Sunglasses : Handbag

Love, Naomi Noel



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  1. LOL!! Girl, I know the struggle!! You look gorgeous. I am loving this top so much. Of course, I have zero complaints about your current favorite go-to color. 😉

  2. This outfit is cute. I love those pants. Speaking of Houston weather I’m no so over these 1-2 winter days then back to spring or summer. Lol!

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