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sassy since birth graphic tee

Happy Weekend! I hope you are enjoying fall in all its beauty. But if you live in a warm and humid climate like me, you still can get away with wearing just jeans and a graphic tee. Today, I am talking about my cute Sassy Since Birth Graphic Tee lol.

I got this fun Sassy Since Birth Graphic Tee from a shop called Tickled Teal. This is not a paid post by the way. I really love Tickled Teal. I have been a fan of the shop before and a customer so I am excited to collaborate now as a blogger. Two Saturdays ago, I talked about how important it is to partner with the right brands that you care about and they care about you. If you missed it click here. This is why I am making a post about this shop because I want to bring brand awareness about Tickled Teal. They have a great line of graphic tees, like my one in this post, plus lots of other great items like cute mugs. This won’t be the last time you see me talking about this shop for sure.Β  I have linked the exact shirt below and it comes in 3 other colors. I linked my jeans as well that are super comfy.

That is all I have today just a quick shout out to a great shop. Friends, if you have any blog requests that you want me to do please let me know. I appreciate your feedback and comments on my posts. I love interacting with you. Thank you for your support and have a great weekend!

Graphic Tee (4 colors) – Tickled Tea : Jeans – ExpressΒ 

Love, Naomi Noel



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