Tunic and Leggings Style and What I am Thankful For







Happy November! I am so excited about the holidayโ€™s coming up. Yes it always seems to come so much faster these days. Today to celebrate the 1st of November, I have a tunic and leggings style for you.

For a lot of people, the month of November is centered on a theme of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving Day is a beautiful holiday but really we should practice being thankful every day. With social media and blogging it is easy to see someone and think they have it all together.That may be true. It also may not be true. I am personally walking though a very long and rough year. Behind the pictures is reality and it would be easy for me to be un-thankful with all I am going through. It is easy to be down. But practice saying something every day that you are thankful for. I am thankful for you reading this today. I am thankful for family, friends, and for my car. I am thankful for clothing and shelter. I am thankful for food everyday on my table.These basics we can so often take for granted. My desire is to live everyday thankful and some days I gotta work on that.

Ok friends here are the dets on my outfit. I love a tunic and leggings style because it is comfy. This beautiful multi color tunic is perfect for fall fashion. I paired it with gorgeous burgundy colored leggings. The burgundy colored was in the tunic so I decided to repeat that color. The tunic is supposed to fit larger but I got the XS. The leggings were for sure extra snug and I could have sized up and gotten the Small for a more comfy fit. My accessories were neutral because I didnโ€™t want to compete with the outfit. The tunic allows creativity with what colors you choose to repeat or bring out like the blue or the brown. My choice for the booties and handbag was the neutral tan/beige colors in the tunic. ย Everything is linked below. You can always shop my latest looks at my shop page as well here. Thank you for you!

Tunic – Gianni Bini : Leggings – Gianni Bini : Booties – Forever 21 : Handbag – Forever 21

Love, Naomi Noel



18 thoughts on “Tunic and Leggings Style and What I am Thankful For

  1. I love this personal post and your stylish outfit.
    I’ve also had a rough Year so I’m feeling you,may next year be the best year ever!
    Xo Natalia

  2. this is such a lovely outfit dear! and so true – “things are not always as the seem” – one of my favorite quotes suites so well here!


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