A Day in Dallas : What to do in Dallas Texas

Arlington Hall and Lee Park with Houston Fashion Blogger Naomi Trevino

Happy weekend everyone! Last weekend I travel to Dallas for quick trip. I had blogging business things to take care of but I made sure to put some fun on the agenda.  It is absolutely possible to do and see a good amount of things in Dallas in just one day.

The Fairmont Hotel in Dallas1. Where to Stay

I stayed in the Fairmont Dallas which is right in the heart of beautiful downtown Dallas. First, the best part of staying there was the staff.  From the minute we got there, the staff was super inviting. Everyone was super nice but I could tell they were being genuine. Honestly, they were the nicest hotel staff I have met. That was the first thing I told my people when I came back. I didn’t have to motivate anyone to have good customer service, they were right there making sure everything was taken care of.

Next, the breakfast at the in house restaurant was delicious. I had the Banana Nut French Toast with a side of eggs. Talk about breakfast of champions! It was as good as it looks in the photo. By the way, the Fairmont Dallas has a Starbucks inside. They told us that when we checked in. They understand that is valuable information. We can be friends now.

The Fairmont Hotel Breakfast

Fairmont Hotel Dallas Breakfast

The pool area is inviting too out on the deck with a nice view of the city. I bet it looks amazing for sunset. Ok so now I need to see that next time I stay there in Dallas lol.  Parking can either be valley for a small fee or parking close by in the area again Fairmont Dallas is a convenient location. Lastly, the hotel was super chill and quiet so we got our beauty sleep. Even though our stay (my photographer Tiffany came too) was short it was top notch.  Overall, I feel like going back to the Fairmont Dallas would be like seeing friends. Thank you Fairmont Dallas for gifting our stay complimentary and how generous it was to do so.

Fairmont Hotel in Dallas

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2. Where to Eat

Dallas has some good food y’all. We got to Dallas at night so the first 2 places are dark images. The Porch is where we went for dinner. They have classic all American food so even for picky eaters, it’s a win. Since the day we got to Dallas was National Donut Day, it would be a sin to not celebrate that. So I celebrated with not just any donut but a donut with ice cream in the middle. The place was Milk and Cream. Thank God my photographer was with me as my designated driver. I was having a case of sugar overload. But seriously it was good and the images are from Google. They are not mine. It was dark so sorry I don’t have original on those.

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Dessert was after breakfast; Momma taught me well. We stopped at a French Pastry called Bisous Bisous Patisserie  in downtown Dallas. Everything was yummy looking and equally good tasting. I mean the pictures probably make your mouth water. You can thank my photographer Tiffany for that.

Bisous Bisous Patisserie with Houston Fashion Blogger Naomi Trevino

Dress (also in white): Wedges : Earrings : Handbag

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After a long morning of blog stuff, I ate lunch in the ever popular and fancy Highland Park. Highland Park is where the napkins are made of gold lol not really but they have all the designer shops there. There is great gem of a restaurant Mi Cocina which is Mexican food. I was surprised at the good prices and it was good food. Whoo! That’s always nice when things work that way in life. I had some time of enchiladas plate and yes I did eat it after the photo was taken.

Mi Cocina in Dallas

Mi Cocina

Dinner was on the road at Buc-ee’s. For all you native Texans, you understand that Buc-ee’s is an important milestone of a Texas road trip. There is tons of food there and every snack your heart wants. It’s basically heaven.

3. What to Do

Don’t just spend one day in Dallas lol. There is tons to do and I wasn’t able to do much. But there is fantastic shopping everywhere from downtown to Highland Park. It made this fashionista happy. There is also the Bishop Arts District with tons of fun and funky stuff. It was a very eclectic and eccentric area with such a mixture of things from one of a kind shops to graffiti art.

The best thing we did actually spend our time on was the George W Bush Presidential Library and Museum. It was such a special place to learn more history and share solemn moments about 9/11. It was very special and moving. I for sure cried when it came to the 9/11 artifacts, and letters, manuscripts, just all kinds of real things from that time. You could visually see real things behind the cases from that time that they preserved. It was so special If you don’t do anything else, go to the George W Bush President Library and Museum.

4. Other mentions

We ran out of time and had to head back but the Reunion Tower was highly recommended. I really wanted to see the city in the tower from sunset. It is completely possible to add that to your schedule if you only had a short time in Dallas. Also so so many people and readers of mine recommend the Dolce Riviera restaurant. I had no idea that you had to have reservations to eat at restaurants anywhere in Dallas. Maybe it is just a weekend policy but we couldn’t get in anywhere for dinner that night. I really wanted dinner at the top notch Italian Dolce Riviera. Go check it out; I know it is the buzz but please reserve that morning or night before.

Thank you for reading. See more of my travel posts here.

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A Day in Dallas Texas

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  1. I have never been to Dallas but I have always wanted to go! Now that my little brother lives in Austin, maybe we will visit. Love that gingham dress you are wearing! Super cute.
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  2. Looks like you had a blast!! I grew up in Fort Worth so I was ALWAYS in Dallas until I moved to Austin!

  3. Dallas is high up on my list of places I want to visit! Anywhere with good food, and I’m so down. That hotel looks so nice, too!

  4. So I have never been to Texas, but I am dying to go. All of these sound so great. I am really intrigued by the 9/11 history and would definitely check that out.

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  5. Goodness, you’re making me want to take a trip to Dallas now! It’s becoming such a hub for bloggers and I’m sure I would have a blast!

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