5 Things That Motivate Me

5 Things That Motivate Me

5 Things that Motivate Me

5 Things That Motivate Me by Naomi Trevino

5 Things That Motivate Me by Finite1

Happy Monday! Mondays are usually not everyone’s favorite day. If we are being honest sometimes we get tired of the hustle and bustle. Sometimes we feel unmotivated and uninspired. But today’s post I want to encourage you by sharing five things that motivate me and help me keep things in perspective.

1. My family motivates me.

I truly have a desire to make my family proud. Sure I have made mistakes and I’ve been imperfect but aren’t we all? But I really am motivated to do my best not only for my own goals but I think about my family as well. I want them to be proud of what I’ve accomplished and most of all be proud of the kind of person that I am. I am growing and learning daily and I want my life to reflect all the good things that my parents and in particular poured into me. Also I want to inspire the next generation of my family. I do you have a couple of cousins younger than me particularly one who is very young. I want them to look up to me and say you know if Naomi could do it and work hard I can too. Those things motivate me to do my best and work hard when I think of my family.

2. My goals motivate me.

I have always been one to make goals. Ever since I was a little girl and didn’t really understand the concept of goals I was making them. At the age of 2, I said that one day I wanted to make it up to point shoe level in ballet. So my mom enrolled me into ballet classes at the age of 2, and for many years after that I stayed faithful to to train. At the age of 12, I accomplish that goal that I said at age 2. In middle school, I decided on what major I wanted to do in college and I made that goal. At the age of 20, I graduated with my bachelors degree with high honors. Having goals alone motivates me, because each day I have something I want to accomplish whether it’s a short term goal or a long-term goal. I actually wrote a three-part series on what I’ve learned on how to make successful goals read more here. Some days of course I struggle with with those goals. It is not always easy but I do believe hard work pays off.

3. I am motivated by others around me.

We are all on this journey called life. All of us have overcome things in our life. Some people overcome things on a day-to-day basis like those who have disabilities or long-term injuries or in poverty situations even around the world. I truly have met those in those situations that view life not as a disability or disadvantage but as an ability. There are days when I think I have it rough, and somehow I always come across someone else that is struggling worse than I am but they have a way better attitude and perspective. I remember to just snap out of my selfishness and start to think about how I should be grateful for what I do have. Other people around me motivate me with their strength, persistence, and the human spirit of just overcoming obstacles.

4. Becoming a better person motivates me.

I am a huge advocate for having goals and I talk about goals all the time. But really a very important goal for me is to become the the best version of myself. I want to leave this earth with a good name. I also want to leave this earth making an impact in anyway that I can and helping out others around me.

Becoming a better person is a top priority for me because who you are as a person it’s really what matters in the end.

5. My faith motivates me.

Last and certainly not least my faith absolutely every day motivates me. I could not do life without God. I truly value and appreciate my faith. It has gotten me through very low points in my life. I can always lean on God and rely on him every day and that is so comforting and reassuring to me. Faith is what keeps me going and gets me excited about life in general. Faith is my number one motivator.

Thank you for reading today’s post on five things that motivate me. What motivates you? What is your motivator or who is your motivator? What gets you going each day and what gets you going when days are hard?

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5 Important Things That Motivate Me

Love, Naomi Noel



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    1. Yes. Keep a list and revisit it on those tough days. It will be your reasons “why”. Why do I get up in the morning and keeping working towards whatever goals. We have all motivators or should have them.

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