Beautiful Tiered Cable Knit Sweater

Tiered Cable Knit Sweater and Black Skinny Jeans

Tiered Cable Knit Sweater with Black Skinny Jeans

Beautiful Tiered Cable Knit Sweater

Cable Knit Tiered Sweater and Black Skinny Jeans

Tiered Cable Knit Sweater and Black Denim Jeans

Cable Knit Tiered Sweater for Fall

Tiered Cable Knit Sweater and Fall Style

Tiered Cable Knit Sweater

Beautiful Tiered Cable Knit Sweater for Fall

Cable Knit Sweater : Skinny Jeans : Velvet Pumps : Velvet Crossbody : Necklace : Earrings : Lipstick : Nail polish

There’s something about cable knit sweater this time of year that just makes Fall fashion so special. But today’s Tiered Cable Knit Sweater glams us an otherwise everyday casual cable knit sweater.

So I have the hardest time during fall and winter fashion not buying every sweater so I just buy 99% of them lol. Lord help my wallet. But the other day I was shopping and I was looking for a few items before I went out of town to Vermont. I wanted to have plenty of options when traveling. It was almost before closing and I wasn’t seeing anything until I spotted this Tiered Cable Knit Sweater.  I didn’t see it online so it was a total spur purchase but I knew I needed it in my life. I love cable knit sweaters but usually they are so casual. This sweater is dressy for sure and the sleeves have so much drama. There is much else you need to do with a sweater like this. It is perfect with skinny jeans like my black ones or a skirt for date night or jeans if that’s your style. It is even practical for work with dress pants. The quality is actually really good for the price.

I wore this sweater my 1st day in Vermont driving all through the state and it was warm but not too hot that I was sweating.  The material is very comfortable and I found the sleeves to be accommodating even though they are puffy and tiered as far as eating etc. The sweater can be worn plain or with simple accessories. I am all about burgundy this time of year so my necklace, earrings, and velvet pumps were a must have with this outfit. Surprisingly, I bought them at different times and just put it all together. Check out my other post with my burgundy velvet pumps here. They are my best purchase as far as shoes this fall so far. I actually wore them walking all through Burlington, Vermont which has plenty of high and low hilly parts. They are that comfortable.

Hope your weekend was great. I took time to just decompress and just clear my mind. I had a lot of things on my heart and it was good to detach a little bit and take a breather.  Have a great day!

Love, Naomi Noel