Berry Cold Shoulder Sweater

Berry Cold Shoulder Sweater

Berry Colored Sweater


Womens Berry Cold Shoulder Sweater

Berry Sweater Colld Shoulder Style


Sweater and Jeans Street Style

Berry Colored Sweater and Skinny Jeans

Sweater : Jeans : Pumps : Earrings : Hat (very similar ) : Handbag (same brand, color & style just less of the jewels lol)

Happy Saturday!  Today I am putting a twist on a very popular trend right now. I see all the time on Instagram pictures of OTS or off the shoulder tops. I think they are adorable but today’s berry cold shoulder sweater is a different approach.

First, this berry cold shoulder sweater is such a beautiful color. I love how comfortable it is. The opening in the shoulder part is so feminine and a little spicy lol. The reason why I prefer this type of shoulder sweater versus and off the shoulder sweater is because strapless bras are the worst. I have not found a good one yet that works. It is a challenge to wear tops where a strapless bra is needed for larger chested ladies like me. I will keep you updated if I find something worth mentioning. So this berry cold shoulder sweater is bottom line more practical for me but still keeping on trend.

The outfit as a whole is super easy to pull off. I love street style looks like this that are not too fussy but make a statement. I paired the berry cold shoulder sweater with my current favorite black jeans. The jeans were mentioned before in a blog post how obsessed I am with them. They stretch really well and fit so well to curves. So for reference I mentioned last time but I went up a size and got the 26 by 30.

Next, the accessories were fun but I kept the colors neutral. The boater hat is just too cute and really gave this outfit style. The earrings are total showstopper. I would totally recommend the brand of earrings I got.  I love wearing long earrings when my hair is down. Finally, timeless patent leather black pumps and a grey crossbody finished the look off perfectly.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


Love, Naomi Noel