NYFW Inspired: The Best of Fall Fashion Street Style

fall fashion street style

street style red-blouse with blue vest and black pointed toe booties

red blouse with bow and blue vest with leather leggings

Red Blouse and Blue Vest

street style with red blouse black leather leggings blue vest and black pointed toe booties

black leather leggings with pointed toe booties

black pointed toe leather booties walking

coming out of a building red-blouse with blue vest and leather leggings

New York Fashion Week has inspired my love of street style all over again. With fall approaching, I am ready to kick off all my fall fashion street style themed posts.  I posted my pre-fall sophisticated look last week. Check it out here. Actually I have been craving fall fashion so bad because I am obsessed with everything under the category of Fall.

This fall fashion street style look starts with a beautiful red blouse with a bow. The sheer element in the sleeves and the ruffles at the wrists, makes this blouse so feminine. The blouse is loose fitting so I decide to make it more tailored and crisp. I added a blue vest with gold buttons to clean up the look.

These black leather leggings are one of my favorite pieces from last fall. I have linked very similar styles because from the same store I got them from last year. They are comfy and easy to slip on. I like the mix of regular material and leather. They don’t make that weird brushing sound when you walk (Ya know what I mean lol).

Finally for accessories I paired a cute handbag and gold earrings from my wardrobe already. I linked similar with the handbag. And now for the main event… event… (insert echo) the boots. These black leather pointed toe booties are everything. Pointed toe boots never go out of style. They are classy to pair with anything and they comfortable enough to take on the world. Hope you enjoyed this stepping in fall fashion look!

Blouse – New York and Company : Vest – New York and Company : Leggings – Forever 21 (sold out) (similar here ) : Handbag (it was a gift) similar style here : Boots – Nordstrom


Love, Naomi Noel



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