Bright Colors for Winter Style + A Hair Story


Last week, I talked about cool tones and pastel tones for winter. Today I am also talking about another trend that’s been popular, bright colors for winter.

Traditionally, when thinking about fall and winter, I tend to think of darker colors. Winter especially makes me think of darker colors. What I am learning more and more is that you should wear what colors you want to wear for any season. I like to stay within certain colors for certain seasons but I also like to mix it up. It’s ok to do both. Bright colors for winter are well another example of mixing it up.

First, this razzleberry sweater really caught my eye and was the perfect pop of color I needed for my winter wardrobe. The color is a mix of pink and purple. It is super cozy on and was super popular so I linked other options too. Next, I kept the rest of the outfit simple because the main statement piece was this razzleberry sweater. The black leggings really gave it a casual look. The black leggings are great for petite babes. They do not hang too long which is nice for vertically challenged ladies like me.



The gold studded flats were also a fun addition to this look. They also go with the handbag. I will not lie to you and say I didn’t plan that lol. Initially I wanted to dress up the look but when I saw the handbag, I knew I had the flats that were perfect for it. Funny story, when I bought the purse apparently I was smiling. The lady in line next to me was like “That’s how you should be when you get a new handbag. You should look at it that way.” That made me literally laugh out loud. It is a lady thing and the handbag is on sale so it’s justifiable.



Here is also my hair story. I got a bad hair job from a hairdresser a few months ago. The cut and color was way off from what I wanted. Being a busy person, I tried to fix it and it looked ok for a little but I knew it needed help. Last weekend, I got the balayage but it is going to be a process away from what it was. Actually, I went back a few days later and now I am almost all back to my natural brown hair.  Anyone else going through a hair transition or have been through a bad color or cut season? Hopefully I didn’t bore you but I had some curiosity about my hair color. There is a reason it has been so many shades in my Instagram lately haha.

Thank you for reading this post of my many thoughts on a Friday ready for the holidays lol. One more post is also coming tomorrow for the last post of this year 2016!

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Love, Naomi Noel