Classic Floral Blouse Styled for The Office

Floral Blouse for Work and Work Wear Outfit

Classic Floral Blouse for Work and Camel Dress Pants

Floral Blouse for Work

Floral Blouse for Work and Dress Pants

Floral Blouse for the Office

Floral Blouse (and similar) : Dress Pants ( similar and similar) : Handbag (similar) : Earrings : Lipstick : Watch -Daniel Wellington : Pumps (and similar) : Blazer and similar (I have this one too and love this blazer.

Today is the first official Work Wear post here on Southern Sophisticated and I’m starting is out by styling a classic floral blouse.

Work Wear Outfits is something that is different for each person. There are plenty of women that work from the home and or stay at home moms. There are work places where jeans are acceptable. There are work places where very traditional blouse and skirt attire is required. The Work Wear posts I plan to do and the post I am featuring today is somewhere in the happy medium. My floral blouse look today could easily go either way either more business casual or very traditional office attire.

Blouses are of course very traditional for work wear. I like to mix it up sometimes with floral blouses instead of solid colors. The one I am wearing had such a pretty print that can easily be styled different ways. I could stick with traditional black pants or skirt or I could add colored flats or wedges like red. The colors in the blouse really give me a lot of work with.

The camel colored dress pants I am wearing definitely warm up the overall feel of the outfit. They’re the perfect color for all year long. I haven’t had this color dress pants before so I was on the lookout for them. Express is where I buy my dress pants and alot of my Work Wear in general. Express tends to sell out fast of their work Wear Outfits fast. So I grabbed these camel pants asap. I linked them and other options if your sized is sold out. I traditionally get 0 short.

Thank you for checking out today’s Work Wear post! There will be more to come next month. Let me know what you think and if you have any requests for me with Work Wear posts or anything else. Comment below.


Love, Naomi Noel



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