How to Mix and Match Cool Tones: Cool Tone Colors with Pastel Tone Colors

Cool Tone Colors with Pastel Tone Colors

The winter season is in full swing, therefore,  I am talking about one of my favorite things about winter fashion. One of the best things about winter fashion is all the cool tone colors. In addition to cool tone colors, pastel colors also have been making an appearance a lot more lately in winter fashion. What are cool tone colors? Why do cool tone colors with pastel tone colors work for winter?


First, my outfit features cool tone colors with pastel tone colors. Cool tones are tones like blues, greys, and cool browns. The hues of cool tones are well cooler. Next,they are opposite on the color spectrum from the warm tones. In addition they are opposite of what our brain decides as warm tones like oranges, reds, yellows etc. These cool tones are also often seen in the winter fashion and even in spring fashion.

What about pastel colors? First, pastel colors are usually lighter shades of definite colors like true blue.  Next, within the shade of true blue, we can have tints or whiter shades of true blue like light blue or baby blue. These are cooler tones but they are also typically in the pastel color category.

Pastel colors have more white in their makeup of their shades. Pastel colors like light blue, baby blue, baby pink, and mint (etc.) can all form a color palette just like you think of an eye shadow palette. All the pastel colors also work together beautifully in winter and spring fashion just like fall fashion jewel tone colors. Read more about the very popular style guide I did on a different groups of colors, the jewel tone colors here. Here is a little color palette below of pastel colors. In addition, these could also be considered in theory cooler tones, because of their absence of warmth and saturation.

Pastel Tone Colors

These pastel colors work together. For example, my outfit has both cool tone colors and pastel tone colors. My coat and skirt are grey which grey is well a cool tone. Cool tones like grey are great for winter but I wanted to lighten up the overall mood of the outfit.  If I added more cool tones like a cool tone brown or another grey shade, it might start looking dark or moody. I was not wanting that vibe so I needed to lighten it up. Bringing in pastel colors therefore lightened the mood of this outfit in addition to keeping it in winter style.

Grey Trench Coat and Baby Blue Blouse

Light Grey Pencil Skirt

Cool Tone Colors with Pastel Tone Colors

LIght Pink Pumps

There are a few ways I can incorporate the cool tone colors with pastel tone colors  in this outfit.  First, I could wear a light pink blouse so to match with my light pink shoes. Next, I could maybe wear a light pink blouse so to compliment the baby blue pumps. In addition to, I could have worn a grey blouse while wearing a light pink or baby blue coat rather than grey. There are so many combinations I could do because of this idea of cool tone colors and pastel tone colors.

Sophisticated Work Outfit

Thank you for reading this style guide. Incorporate these ideas into your wardrobe, because you can easily mix and match with the cool tones with pastel colors together.  Most of all, this will as a result create more outfits for you, which is also a bonus.

Blouse – (sold out) similar here and here : Pencil Skirt (some sizes) and similar here in all sizes : Grey Wrap CoatPochette (wrist purse) : Light Pink PumpsEarrings : Necklace (similar): Sunglasses

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How to Style Cool Tone Colors with Pastel Tone Colors

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