Destination Recap: Traveling to Los Angeles Take 1

Traveling to Los Angeles

Welcome to my first Travel Post! My first travel post is about my first trip this year to Los Angeles.This is a great post for things to do in Los Angeles and traveling to Los Angeles. I love to travel. I have wanted an avenue to share my pictures and places I have seen. If there is anytime your destination is one of the places I have been, I hope my Travel & Town page will be a great resource for you. I will also feature things that I do around my hometown Houston for the Town portion like restaurants and fun stuff. Fair warning this post features tons of pictures and they are totally unfiltered and sometimes blurry cell phone pictures. ( I am taking donations for a nice camera lol) It is what it is folks. I hope you enjoy it.  Update part 2 is up here.  Let’s get started!

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Judy Garland Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

Hollywood Star of Fame

First stop off the plane was the Hollywood Walk of Fame. We  walked pretty fast but we still did not see it all. There were so many amazing Hollywood Stars from movie stars to directors to musicians. It is a very long walk. I would said it would be 2 hours to go through all of it. We actually left and went to In N Out Burger close by and then came back. Keep in mind that there are locals there where it is just another day for them. You do have to wait at times for people to clear so you can take a good pic with the star of your choice. Also there were sales reps like crazy trying to sell you their bus tour. They will approach you a bunch of times. That was not a fun part. But overall it was an amazing experience. There is a site you can check out to find out what street to go to to see the Stars you want. I used this link (click here) and it helped.

Warner Brothers Studios

The Ellen Show

The Friends Studio

Gilmore Girls Cafe

The Friends Set

The Friends Couch

Wonder Woman Costume

Michelle's Outfit from Full House


About 20 minutes away from the Stars is the amazing Burbank, California. Burbank is home to many executives, producers, and recording studios. It also home to Warner Brothers Studios and the Studio Tours. The Warner Brothers Studio Tour is by far one of my favorite traveling experiences ever. Warner Brothers Studios is home to movies like all the installments of Batman and Harry Potter. They are home to TV shows like Full House, Fuller House, Friends, Gilmore Girls, The Ellen Show, The Big Bang Theory, Pretty Little Liars and so much more. We took the traditional tour click here for that information. They took us all through tons of TV and movie sets. We even got to tour the massive warehouse used for all the props in the movies and TV shows. They showed us the real life Batmobiles. We even toured The Ellen Show set but we were not allowed to take pictures. It is a beautiful set.

There was also a lot of information about behind the scenes and what goes into the filming process etc. We wrapped up the tour by going to this inside museum type of area. That’s where my friend and I sat on the Friends couch from the Friends show. (That was a mouth full). No the show was not filmed in New York. It was filmed mostly there at Warner Brothers Studios. Do you recognize the cafe from Gilmore Girls and the little outfit from Full House? Finally, we ate at Claim Jumper literally within walking distance of the Warner Brother Studios. They had great food and the best bread ever (yes priorities). A great alternative is the famous The Smoke House which so happens to be George Clooney’s favorite restaurant.

Christmas Lights at Disneyland

Snow White at Disneyland

Sleeping Beauty at Disneyland

Belle at Disneyland

Next up was Disneyland which is a trip all of its own. We spent the whole day there. We went in January so thankfully they still had their Christmas lights up at the It’s a Small World excursion. It was beautiful as you can see. Disneyland has a parade and fireworks every night. Anywhere around the It’s a Small World excursion is the best seat for a decent view of the parade and fireworks. 

The Beverly Hills Hotel

There is so much we did on the trip but rolling through Beverly Hills (literally) was fun. Beverly Hills is fun for shopping, food, and seeing shooting locations like the Four Seasons Hotel they used for Pretty Woman. There is a beautiful park and tons of art sculptors. Driving up the hills in the residential area is not so fun. The hills have sharp turns and everything is slanted. The celebs must have been busy that day because we could not stop by for lunch. That’s ok. Next time. The real story is that we got lost and many entrances up the hills (celeb homes) were barricaded from the outside so we had to keep driving till we could get back to civilization.

Later on that day we went to the famous Santa Monica Pier. We got there late in the evening so I do not have tons of pictures. It is a mini amusement park at the pier. Tons of junk food (yes please) and fun things to do. Allow plenty of time to park and walk because that pier is the “it” place to be especially in the evening.

Hollywood Sign

Graffiti Art in Los Angeles

Graffiti art in downtown Los Angeles

A final stop of our destination was Lake Hollywood Park. This is the best place to get close to the Hollywood sign. You cannot actually go up to the sign. The sign is blocked off but this is the best area to walk up and get the sign behind you. Click here for the link. We also checked out some really cool Graffiti Art in downtown LA. There are a few streets with art but here is just a general link to the Arts District in LA. I hope you enjoyed the pictures and tips about my trip traveling to Los Angeles part 1. 




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  1. Great post Naomi! Loved it! Thank you for sharing babe. 🙂 You look lovely! Oh and I might be visiting LA sometime soon! <3 Can't wait to check these places out!

  2. LA is a fun vacation destination – we visited many of the same places a few years ago. Your photos and commentary brought back good memories. Thanks for sharing.

  3. SO fun! I LOVE LA!!!!!!!!!!!! We stay in Venice Beach at our friend’s house and go to the boardwalk! Love it!

  4. What a great LA recap! My brother lives out there in Venice, so we try to visit once a year. I love going out to Malibu and eating at Gladstone’s!! And Disneyland is a must, for sure 🙂

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