Destination Recap: Things to Do in Los Angeles Take 2

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If you are ever in the Los Angeles area and are looking for things to do, this post would be a great resource. If you are thinking of traveling I would recommend Los Angeles. There is so much to do. I did a recap of my 1st trip to Los Angeles last week so check it out here if you missed it. Today is a recap of the 2nd time I went to Los Angeles. This is another post of things to do in Los Angeles but also alot more of places to eat around the Los Angeles area. Fair warning again that there are a tons of pictures (only taken with a cell phone) but lots of good information with everything linked to a website. Let’s get started on this adventure.  


Malibu Beach

El Matador Beach

I did mention that food was a great part of this trip right? One of the first things I did was eat at In-N-Out Burger. If you have never eaten at In-N-Out, it is one of the best decisions you will make in your life. It is delicious. It is cheap. They are generous with their portions. They are a faith based owned company.They make all their food fresh every day. What more can you want? They have locations all over Los Angeles and California in general. Check out their website for a location near your California destination. Next, my friend and I traveled down The Pacific Coast Highway which is a long stretch along the coast of California. You can drive to whatever beach you would like on the coast. We settled in one of the Malibu Beaches called El Matador Beach.

El Matador Beach pictured above is a beautiful beach. I have those pictures from my Instagram so they are filtered but it is a lovely beach. It was overcast and a little cold when we went. It was still the beginning of summer. Here is warning. Parking is tough to get. Be patient and maybe drive to a different nook of the beach. It was all paid parking that I could see. Also, wear athletic shoes when you are walking down to the beach. Quick story. I was rocking out my cute summer flip flops and it was all rainbows and sunshine till I became the flop. Walking down to the beach area, it was extremely steep and slippery with big rocks. I lost my footing and tore up my knee and foot. It took several weeks for the cuts to heal. Everyone around me froze and asked if I was ok. To quote a line from the classic TV show That’s So Raven, “My pride’s ok, but my dignity is a little sore.” What a way to start the trip (lol) but nevertheless I had a bloody good time (pun intended).  

Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hils

Beverly Hills Shopping

One thing I have learned about Los Angeles is that it is the random and the beautiful. When you are driving you see all kinds of graffiti art and funky looking buildings.There is a lot of beautiful architecture like in Beverly Hills. That place is gorgeous to walk around. Beverly Hills is where the famous folks shop and go to after parties etc. I can see why. There is a lot to see walking around there.

Things to Do in Los Angeles

Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles

Griffith Observatory

One of the most beautiful places I went to was the Griffith Observatory. You can literally see the city of Los Angeles from that area. It is up a hill so parking is not flat. The walk up the hill was not bad at all. You may see the Hollywood Sign behind my friend and I (right behind my friends hat). (To see where to go to get the sign right behind you click (here). It is a great place to go for beautiful views of the city.

Manny's Pizzeria

How to visit the Fresh Prince of Bel Air House

Fresh Prince of Bel Air House

Are you still with me? Let’s talk Bel Air. We went there. It is a cute sightseeing town. First, my friend and I ate at this amazing restaurant called Manny’s Pizzeria. The picture is terrible but check out that pizza. It was some of the best pizza I have had. Next, we went to find the Fresh Prince of Bel Air House. Yes it is real. It doesn’t look like much from the pictures but that is the house. Fast Fact. The home is actually located in Brentwood which is close to Bel Air. They used Brentwood for the shooting location because it is flatter. Bel Air is pretty hilly. We couldn’t go in but the whole neighborhood is very affluent so it is a beautiful sightseeing adventure. Type in 251 N Bristol Ave and it will take you there. Additionally we went to another beach called Will Rogers State that is apart of Santa Monica Beaches. It was a low traffic and peaceful beach. Click here for that information.

Disneyland Miinie Mouse

Disneyland Attractions

Disneyland Food


I couldn’t go to Los Angeles and not go to Disneyland. I spent a lot more time there this time around. I went with my friend and her sweet daughter which made it more fun. Now I can say I have seen and done 90% of what Disneyland offers. I need to go back for the other 10% lol. I finally saw the Star Wars Tour experience which was out of this world amazing (more puns). One of my favorites was the Indiana Jones ride which was a blast, but don’t go on that ride after lunch. It is a wild ride. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Disneyland is packed with magical wonder, fun rides, great food, and adorable desserts like an Olaf cake pop.

Maggianos Italian Restaurant Los Angeles

The Grove Shopping Mall

Farmers Market Los Angeles

The Farmers Market in Los Angeles

Finally, let’s talk about the Grove LA. The Grove is a really big area of shopping and food. It is an outdoor walking area. I went to Maggianos Italian restaurant. The portions were great and the food was so good. I was extra excited to learn they had one back home. I’m going back for sure. Around the restaurant was CBS studios. I tried to stop by for my shooting but they were a little busy. Next time y’all (lol). Remember how I said that Los Angeles is the random and the beautiful, Exhibit B. The original Farmer’s Market is in Los Angles in the Grove area. I only have one decent picture but you have to visit. The random is well the Bakery for Dogs. Curiosity is killing me because I didn’t go in.

Wrapping this up. I also wanted to mention that both trips to Los Angeles, I went to Hillsong LA. Hillsong Church is a global ministry located in Sydney, Australia. They have 2 American locations: New York and LA. They will make you feel right at home. Check out their website here. I also went back briefly to the perfect Burbank, California. Click here for things to do in Burbank. Click here for another food place to check out in Burbank. I wouldn’t recommend any of the food in this post if it didn’t impress me. I hope you enjoyed this things to do in Los Angeles and places to eat in Los Angles post. Make sure to subscribe below for more recaps on my future travel adventures.

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  1. WOW I think I will enjoy Disneyland – such a happy place! And that pizza at Manny’s Pizzeria is HUGE! Thanks for sharing with us your travel adventures 🙂

  2. AWWWW! I was just in LA, but was there for a conference so I didn’t get to see all that much besides the LA Convention Center 🙁 I did get to check out Griffith Park. LOVED that!!! I’ve been to LA 3 times now, but never for a real vacay sooo might just have to do it and use your tips. I’ve also never been to the beach in LA!!! SUPER crazy since I’d be a professional beach bum, if I wasn’t a personal trainer. Appreciate your recap 🙂

  3. Love love all the places you visited and yes you can’t visit Southern California without going to Disneyland! I love it especially during the holidays, loved this post!

  4. It looks like you had such a fun trip! I have been to Disney World but not Land yet. Looks like you hit some great Cali spots and I am so jealous of the weather you got to experience, haha!

  5. I’ve lived here for 4 years and I still haven’t visited some of these places! Thanks for the insight! Let me know when you’ll be down here again. ?

  6. Looks like you had an amazing trip! I’ve only been to LA twice. Once for a cheerleading competition in high school and once to go to Disneyland. I’d love to go back and truly explore the city!

  7. Loved this I have never been to LA but I now I definitely want to go! I love In-N-Out too I’m just waiting on the day for them to start a location in Houston.

  8. LA looks like so much fun! Sadly, I’ve only been to the airport there, but I can’t wait to go back and explore one day!

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