Everyday Choker V Neck Sweater


Burgundy Choker V Neck Sweater

Burgundy Choker V Neck Sweater.

Burgundy V Neck Choker Sweater

Burgundy V Neck Sweater for Fall

Burgundy Choker V Neck Sweater for Fall

Burgundy Choker Sweater for Fall

Choker Sweater(other colors too) : Jeans : Suede Booties : Handbag : Lipstick : Earrings

Today’s burgundy choker v neck sweater is getting me into the Fall mood even more. Ok I am obsessed with Fall but Southern Sophisticated is officially getting into Fall Fashion obsession. I’m breaking out booties and boots y’all!

One of my favorite colors for Fall is Burgundy. I wear it a ton during Fall weather its sweaters, boots, pants, blouses and hats etc . You will see me wear a lot of burgundy for Fall and Winter Fashion. There’s something about burgundy that is so beautiful and flattering on anyone. It’s one of those colors any hair color or skin color could rock. That’s why I fell in love with this Choker V Neck Sweater. I love the color of course but the style of it is so feminine. Also I could tell it wasn’t a heavy or bulky sweater. This makes it perfect to wear now while it’s warmer. It also makes it a great option to layer under a jacket or coat.

Ok so I have caved. Normally on September I hold back on wearing booties and boots because I know it’s still warm. But I couldn’t stand it anymore lol. My black suede booties are super comfortable. I trust the brand and buy from this same brand all the time. These booties will be on repeat with jeans and even dresses.

Love, Naomi Noel