Gorgeous Floral Sequin Holiday Dress

Gorgeous Floral Sequin Holiday Dress

Beautiful Floral Sequin Dress

Floral Sequin Holiday Dress for the Season

Gorgeous Floral Sequin Dress for the Holidays

Floral Sequin Holiday Dress

Holiday Floral Sequin Dress

Beautiful Floral Sequin Dress

Floral Sequin Dress (on sale) : Gold Heels (also in rose gold and silver) : Tassel Earrings (other colors) : Lipstick

Today’s Tuesday Treat is a gorgeous Floral Sequin Holiday Dress that is also on sale!

Holiday dresses and outfits are so much fun to shop for. I had actually ordered some dresses to try out and when they came in, I wasn’t crazy about them. They also were all sold out too fast. I should have gone with my first instinct which was to Shop the Gianni Bini Collection for my holiday dress.

Gianni Bini is one of my favorite brands. It’s my best kept not so secret anymore. I really don’t see a lot of bloggers wear it because it’s not Nordstrom lol. I love me some Nordstrom but I shop many other stores too. Anyways Gianni Bini has been a brand I have worn a lot on my blog. I am obsessed with their dresses especially. They have such great quality dresses and their dresses look like a million bucks. This isn’t sponsored but I wanted to let readers know as a friend about a grand brand.

I definitely wanted some type of pattern for my holiday dress so this Floral Sequin dress was perfect. The color is so on point for the season. The pattern is beautiful and the sleeves are so feminine. It’s such a flattering dress on. I am wearing a size 0. This dress does fit true to size. It is also on sale so this is the perfect time to snag it.

The dress had some gold throughout the pattern so I decided to pick up that color with gold heels and cute gold tassel earrings. I would recommend wearing solid colored shoes and jewelry with this dress because the dress does have the beautiful pattern already. You could wear black heels or even silver to add a different color. It’s such a beautiful dress that puts me in the holiday mood right away!

Thank you for checking out today’s holiday outfit!


Love, Naomi Noel