The Goal Series : How to Make Successful Goals in Life

       Thank you for following this goal series on how to make successful goals. Today I am wrapping up this Goal Series with points 4 and 5.  Part 1,  I introduced why I decided to do a Goals Series even though there are so may articles out there on it and I started the series with point 1.  Catch up on Part 1  here . Part 2 , I covered Key Principles to Making Successful Goals with points 2 and 3. Catch up on Part 2  here .

       Last week I touched on the inevitable truth that it is easy to get discouraged when your goals are taking a whole lot of time to accomplish and you are faced with challenges. This is why it is important to celebrate the goals you have accomplished so far. Each goal you have accomplish matters. Accomplishing goals are a process, which is why it is advantageous to make short-term goals.   

       4. Make short-term and long-term goals.

       Sometimes people have labeled short-term goals as “small goals”. I have a challenge with calling any goals small. Here is why.  Small and big goals are not measured by level of importance or degree of impact. Instead small and big goals are defined by time. How much time will that goal take? This is why I like the phrase short-term goals better.

       We all know that goals take time to accomplish and often we can lose sight of why we started. We can get overwhelmed at the amount of work it takes for those goals. Think about college for example, when I first started college, I was overwhelmed at how many courses I needed to take for the degree. I thought this is crazy. What did I do? I took one semester at a time. I tacked my degree plan to my wall beside my bed and each semester I would check off classes I completed. My school situation did not look so bad as I went along. I even created short-term goals with it like writing papers better or getting an A in my class. Were those insignificant goals just because they were short-term? No way. Just like the domino effect is a result of one event setting off a chain of other events, so can one goal set off another. I raised my grades one semester, then the next semester, till eventually I graduate with high honors. This helped led to being accepted into graduate school. I become a better writer. This helped led to being published in an international scientific journal. Am I telling you this to toot my own horn? Nah! I am telling you this from personal experience that short-term goals are effective.

       Have you ever thrown a pebble into water? That tiny pebble makes a big wave! The ripples that circle around that little pebble as it leaps into the water can be seen from anyone watching. Such a tiny thing can have such an impact. Short term goals can have an impact like that. Short-term goals are not only vital to the makeup of long-term goals but they are an aid when you get discouraged along the way. When you get discouraged about your long-term goal of getting your degree or starting your own company, start with short-term goals like getting good grades in the semester you are in or start with a mission statement about your company. Eventually you will hit those long-term goals.

How to Make Successful Goals

      5. Whatever goals you make, there is a place for them.

      There is a time and a place for your goals. You may have a goal to patent something you have been working on inventing. You may have people tell you that your idea is silly or would not work. Do not listen to them. Hey somewhere out there someone invented the pool noddle and banked some serious cash. Ha! People criticize other people’s goals because either they do not understand, they do not want to understand, or they wish they were like you. Your creativity and talent will shine with your goals. Be proud of the goals you have. There is a warning with that however. Be careful who you tell your dreams and goals to. Not everyone has you best interests at heart. If you do not have anyone that supports your goals yet, keep going. Keeping doing you.  In the end people cannot argue much with someone being true to themselves. Dot not put yourself down about your goals. You will be successful. You will accomplish your goals.

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How to Make Successful Goals




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  1. I thought the pool noodle was a great example! I agree, don’t let others bring down your goals. Though it can be hard, if you want it you can achieve it. Really enjoyed this series!

  2. I really need to follow through with my short and long term goals. One is working out consistently!! Great post girly!

  3. Having short and long term goals is so important! Reaching the short term goals gives us a little confidence booster to keep going. Great post!

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