Why it is Important in Having a Sense of Direction in Life

Having a Sense of Direction in Life

The other day I hopped onto the elevator at work and sat there for a few minutes. Finally, I realized that well the elevator wasn’t moving. I realized I had not pressed the button for it to go in the direction I needed it to go. The elevator had all the potential to go forward but in till I activated its potential, it wasn’t going anywhere. In the same way, we have all the potential in the world inside of us, but we have to activate it. It is called having a sense of direction in life.

Why is it important to have a sense of direction in life? Just like the elevator was not going anywhere without direction, so it is the same with our lives.

Having a sense of direction in life gives us perspective, passion, and purpose in life.

When you have direction in your life, each day is another opportunity. That also becomes how you view life or your perspective. When you have a sense of direction in your life, even blood, sweat, and tears means you’re further along towards reaching your goals. That is called passion. Having a sense of direction in your life, allows your life to have meaning and also a story to be written. That is called purpose.

What if you don’t have a sense of direction in your life? How do I move forward if I don’t know where I am going? You don’t have to have it all figured out to move forward. The key is to make the first step. That first step takes a lot of courage but you have it inside of you. Do not give up on yourself or life so easily just because you can’t see the whole picture. No one can see their whole future and every direction life will take them. Life is a beautiful journey that is made up of many steps of faith.

Having a sense of direction in life does start with the little steps that well are not so little in the bigger picture. (They can also be called short term goals. Read more on the 3 part series on Goals here). Do you really want to earn a degree but have not narrowed down a major yet? Start with some basic courses or do some career counseling. Do you want to eat healthier but are overwhelmed at trying? Start with cutting back on sodas or less candy. There are so many steps you can take towards the right direction. It is not easy taking those steps but it’s better than staying stuck on the elevator so to speak. Activate the potential inside of you and move in a forward direction one step at a time.

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15 thoughts on “Why it is Important in Having a Sense of Direction in Life

  1. This post was so motivating. My boyfriend iterates this to me all the time and day by day, I start to learn more about why it’s important. Such a great read to kick start 2017!

  2. This was very wise and inspiring! I love what you said about starting with small steps and really believe you can accomplish anything if you set goals and act on them a little at a time. Thank you so much!

  3. I love all your life advices and tips. Sometimes taking the first step can be the biggest challenge. I agree that direction is very important!

  4. Thank you for sharing such thoughtful post hun! It is sometimes hard to find directions and I think it is so important to find passion in life and then do our utter best to keep motivated! xoxo Sharka

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