My January Shopping List

January Shopping List

Click Through the Widget Below to Shop all the Items in the Image


My January Shopping List

Click Through the Widget Below to Shop all the Items in the Image


Happy New Year! Today I am starting a new series all about My Shopping wishlist. Find out why I am starting this series and my other plans for this year!

As a style blogger, I am always online looking for sales, new items, trends etc. I have way more clothes screenshot in my photo gallery then I have dollars in my bank account lol. On my blog, I feature my favorite items I have bought. But I am not able to feature everything I am loving or even buying. Southern Sophisticated does have a full time photographer that doesn’t work for free lol so content is budgeted. But I figured this series would really show you more of my style picks and items that may be styled in future blog posts for that month. This will be a monthly series.

All of the the items featured are from brands I really love. They are all cozy and comfy options with some classic pieces. The Grey Suede Moto Jacket for example is one of my wardrobe staples. I have it in the tan from Fall here. I talked about this particular jacket in My Wardrobe Staples post here. So it’s a jacket I’m very familiar with but I just want other colors now. The shoes are by brands that I love as well like the Sneakers with the Faux Fur Trim. How cute are those? They are on sale by the way.

Aside from my Shopping Wishlist, I want to continue to provide more style content. One of the big factors that made me decide to change my blog to primarily Fashion was because I love to style. I love seeing how I can mix and match items different ways. I love creating new looks and transitioning my wardrobe. Style content is really my groove although I love general fashion Outfit of the Day content. Next, I will be bringing back Work Wear this month. Each month there will be a new Work Wear post since it was highly requested. Finally, I want to continue to write inspirational posts because I believe we all need encouragement so let’s life each other up!

Happy New Year to you! Each New Year is a new beginning. You may have had a great year last year or a terrible one. But we are all still here and we all need to hold onto hope. I posted this quote on my Instagram today and I want to share the full quote here. “For what it’s worth… it’s never too late to be whoever you want to be. I hope you live a life you’re proud of, and if you’re not, I hope you have the courage to start over again”.  – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Love, Naomi Noel



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