Must Have Nude Sweater

Beautiful Nude Sweater and Denim Style

Nude Sweater and Ripped Jeans

Nude Sweater for Any Season

Nude Sweater with Split Sleeves

Nude Sweater with Burgundy Velvet Pumps

Nude Sweater for Any Season

Sweater (also in black) : Jeans : Velvet Pumps (also in sapphire ) : Handbag (similar) : Earrings : Sunglasses (similar) : Lipstick (in shade Classic Matte #772)

It’s officially October ok yesterday but I think October is the prettiest month. It is the time of year when Fall foliage is in full swing. It’s just another excuse for me to wear more Fall sweaters like today’s Nude Sweater.

My Nude Sweater is such a gorgeous color. It actually looks Blush pink and I thought that was the shade but it is called nude. It is a great neutral colored sweater. But what I love about it is that even though it’s a nude color, it has a warmer tone to it. This sweater is great to pair with leggings or denim. It is great with booties or dress shoes like my Velvet Pumps for dinner or church.  Another gorgeous feature of this sweater is the slit on the sleeves. It adds such a great tough to the wide sleeve deign. Ok so for sizing, if you want it to be true fit then size normally but I like my sweaters a size bigger. I like my sweaters to fit long enough with my skinny jeans and to have a more natural fit. I actually got the size 2 and exchanged it for a size 4 for a much better fit.

I have been obsessing over my Velvet pumps. In last week’s post, I mentioned that the brand of the Velvet Pumps is one of the few shoe brands I trust. Lots of shoes out there hurt the back of my heels or cut into my feet. I also have wide so I have less selection. These velvet pumps re very comfortable and I even went shopping in them which that never happens. When I am running errands or shopping, I wear flats or sneakers lol.  So they are a hit for sure!

Thank you for reading today’s post! Have a great day.

Love, Naomi Noel