My Two Best Purchases of 2016

Today I am doing a little bit different kind of post. I am taking about 2 of my best purchases of 2016 and I am joined by several other bloggers. Read more to find out.

Looking back, there are many favorites that I bought in 2016 but these 2 items take the cake. Find out why these were my top picks for 2016. Also underneath this post, you will find a link to other awesome bloggers and their best purchases of 2016. Hopefully you can get some great ideas from our honest reviews. We have tried these items and want to take the time to tell you all about them.

  1. Cannon Camera

First, this is not the fanciest Cannon model out there but I did invest in the basic Cannon DSLR. As a blogger, my Cannon has also made a difference in my display and flatlay pictures. I used my cell phone for a while but the lighting was usually off. So having even a basic but professional camera really upped the game for me. Again, this particular camera doesn’t have some functions like blurring background and stuff that you see on bloggers photos sometimes. But this was a good start for me. I would recommend Cannon Camera’s across the board.

Next, the main reason why I actually bought a decent camera is I knew I would be traveling back to the Smoky Mountains last year. I got my Cannon before going to the Smoky Mountains in the fall. I could tell the difference in the quality. The photos turned out better. This was one of my favorite shots with the camera on that trip.


See also the other pictures I was able to take here and here. I would recommend investing in even a basic camera like mine and in fact sometime in the future I may get fancy with new lenses and such.  Here is the Cannon I have.

2. Jeans that Fit Just Right

Ok this sounds so basic but hear my story. I have had many challenges in the past finding good jeans. I am short in a tall shaped body and slender in an athletic build. That is a lot going on so I would always have to go up a size but then my jeans would be too long on me etc. I spent tons of money having them tailored. Tailoring clothes is wonderful and I do believe in it but not for every jean and pant if you can help it. The cost of alterations was sometimes more than the jeans or pants.

Last year, I randomly decided to try out Express Jeans. This is not sponsored promise. Express jeans have been a success for me and a money saver. Since buying the first pair of Express jeans, I have bought several more pairs of their jeans and pants. Their jeans and pants take care of all my needs lol. If you haven’t tried Express jeans, I would so recommend it because they have regular, short, and also tall options. It does make a difference to find a good pair of jeans or pants that fit you right. Here are also posts with my Express jeans here and here and below an example.


Thank you for reading today’s my two best purchases of 2016. Read on for more inspiration from other bloggers talking about their best purchases of 2016.

FYI: You may be Southern if you started singing Chicken Fry by Zac Brown Band. If you have no idea why I am saying than read above and if you still don’t well bless your heart. Just a little joke friends 🙂

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Love, Naomi Noel



5 thoughts on “My Two Best Purchases of 2016

  1. Yes to well fitting jeans! I wear them almost daily so it’s worth it to me to pay a little more for designer brands that fit my odd size. I usually buy them from consignment most of the time so I’m not actually paying more, I just let someone else break them in for me 🙂
    Oh My Nosh Nutrition and Wellness

  2. Thanks for sharing your camera! With so many options out there, it’s difficult to know what to get. I’ve looked several times and I always get frustrated and end up putting it off even longer.

    There’s nothing like a great pair of jeans! It can definitely be a challenge for us short girls!

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