My Winter Wardrobe Staples + Best Brands for Winter Clothing

Winter Wardrobe Capsule. Winter Fashion Staples

Today I am talking all about my Winter Wardrobe Staples that are essential and helpful for the cooler winter weather. Plus I share specific brands I shop for when it comes to winter fashion.

Last month I shared My 10 Wardrobe Staples and Why. I actually should have labeled them as my year round wardrobe staples but oh well. Check out that post if you missed it before here. There were such positive responses that I knew I wanted to do a Winter Wardrobe Capsule edition. So this post is rounding up item that are must for me for winter and some specific brands of those items as well.

As a disclaimer, I live in Houston which really doesn’t get much of a winter. However, when a good cold front comes through, I am always prepared. I also have traveled to cold weather lol.  So my list is going to look a little different maybe from someone who lives in a truly solid cold climate for winter. These winter wardrobe staples will be more general winter fashion pieces. But I have tried a lot of different brands of winter items not only as a fashion blogger but before I started blogging. These are tried and true options for me.

1. Puffer Coat/Jacket – My most important item for winter over the years has been my puffer or quilted coat. Years ago when we were visiting my mom’s family in Missouri, it was cold and snowing. Being a Houston gal, I didn’t pack warm enough clothes. My dad bought me a puffer coat there and since then I’ve worn it for many many years. I was a teenager when I got it and I was smaller lol. I finally replaced one this year and got one that is longer past my wait. This is the one I got and I will have a blog post on it Monday! I specially looked for one that was longer because my other one was short. A puffer coat is so prefect for anywhere because it is warm for true winter weather and it can get wet. Houston has a lot of winter rain so it’s important to have jacket that is warm and can get wet. Last year, I wrote about the importance of a puffer jacket or coat. Plus in that post  I really broke down a lot of different fall and winter coats and jacket materials. Check it out here.

2. Wool Blended Trench Coat – This winter and fall season I bought several coats. It was time to replace some old ones that were favorites. A Wool Blended Trench Coat was on the top of my list and I knew exactly where to get a new one.  Check out the one I got here. Express has always had great coats and jackets. Express has managed to make their trench coats warm and practical yet feminine and not bulky.

3. Long Sleeve Turtleneck Tee – Turtlenecks are so important for the winter to cover your beck and provide warmth. It is good to have something tight to your body for heat. Plus they are great for layering. I have tried some name brand turtlenecks but the best ones I have found are from Target. This year, I missed my chance to stock up on more colors but next year I will be ready for them.

4. Free People Sweaters – This is very specific but each year I shop for  Free People sweaters. Free People has some higher prices for their clothing but I have to say that the sweaters are justifiable. The materials that they use are great quality. They are very warm and always super cute and cozy. They do usually sell pretty fast so I start shopping for a Free People sweater in September. Just a pro tip but Macy’s usually has a sale a couple of times in the span of fall and winter on Free People. Normally when I shop Free People, I find it on Nordstrom but I never forget to check Macy’s too.

5. Best Warm Scarf – So far Free People has had the best scarfs for winter. They make them with thick material and such great quality. This one I got this year has literally makes me sweat unless I am outside. I have heard from my mom who grew up in Philly that if you are sweating inside before you go outside, that’s a good sign you are warm enough for the winter weather.

6. Best Cute Scarfs – I love buying scarfs for fall and winter. They are perfect to accessorize even a simple tee. They really make a look so cozy and cute. The two brands that consistently stand out to me are Sole Society and BP. I haven’t found one super warm that makes me sweat like my Free People scarf, however, both brands carry great options for warmth. I recently got this one with the cute flower print which was surprisingly warm.

7. Best Beanies – Beanies are super cute and fun but they are practical. It is good to lock in the heat everywhere you can during winter. Beanies are good for providing heat for which I never realized was so important. The best beanies I have found that are cute but actually quite warm are from Topshop. I have worn this Pom Pom one from Topshop all the times and I specifically shop Topshop beanies each year.

8. Best Corduroy Pants – In the winter time, we all need warmer pants. Jeans are not enough sometimes so I always turn to my corduroy pants, which are thicker material. I have truly been on the hunt for a different brand of corduroy jeans. But I still go back to Old Navy corduroy. I personally never shop at Old Navy but I specifically look for corduroy jeans from Old Navy. I have had a few pair over the years since I was a baby in middle school. Old Navy’s corduroy pants always sell fast so start shopping them in September. They also have short/petite option and tall which is amazing.

9. Best Affordable Boots – Winter fashion is the most expensive y’all. Boots can be the most expensive behind coats or equally. Each year, I shop at Target for boots. I have no idea how I started looking into their boots and booties but I am glad I did. This pair was the best of the best this year and was featured in my fall favorites here. I can be on my feet for hours without dying in those. Also my first pair of Over the Knee Boots I actually didn’t return was from Target this year here. Another brand that I love forever is Gianni Bini. They have some amazing and super comfortable boots. They are more than Target obviously but still not designer expensive or really even expensive at all in my opinion.

Thank you for checking out my Winter Wardrobe Staples . Thank you for your positive feedback on my last capsule wardrobe. It helped me so much to know that I wanted to do this post. Keep the feedback coming!

Love, Naomi Noel



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