Off The Shoulder Top + The Cutest Flats Ever

Blue Off The Shoulder Top with Black Skinny Jeans

Blue Off The Shoulder Top and Black Skinny Jeans

Off the Shoulder Top with Black Skinny Jeans

Off The Shoulder Top

Smile Ballet Flats

Blue Off The Shoulder Top

Off The Shoulder Top : Choker : Handbag : Skinny Jeans : Smile Flats : Sunglasses

Off the Shoulder Tops has been a hot trend lately. I recently did a blog post about a Cold Shoulder Top which I prefer but I decided to mix it up and wear an Off the Shoulder Top for today’s look.

Today’s look is a little bold for me. I would not wear this outfit for work lol but I love it for the weekend and after work. The outfit is insanely comfortable. Off the Shoulder Tops is something I have warmed up to recently. Honestly, this type of top is not good for work and I have a bigger chest so it’s like hit or miss for me. But something that I found that clicked for me was to wear my high waist skinny jeans. I have worn these high waist skinny jeans 5 million times in my blog posts. I would recommend them to anyone and they go perfect with this Off the Shoulder Top. Since the top is shorter, paring it with high waist skinny jeans just makes sense. Also I have a long torso so shirts tend to shrink but this is just the tip I have found with this off the shoulder top.

The accessories really gave this outfit extra life because the blue and the black are more neutral. The rose handbag and rose sunglasses are actually from 2 different stores so it was a happy accident. The choker was a must because the neck area is so bare with an off the shoulder top.

Finally, let’s talk about the ballet flats with the words smile. How cute are these flats? I wear flats all the time and comfort is key. I actually did a hug recap of lots of outfits and shoes on my blog here with lots of comfy shoe options. Thank you for looking at today’s post. If you have any questions or requests you can always email me at or send me at Tweet here


Love, Naomi Noel