Pastel Colors for Fall + A Boutique Special Sale

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When you think of fall you probably think of jewel colors like my post I did as an introduction to fall fashion (click here if you missed it). But this fall, I have been experimenting with other fall style ideas and patterns. So today I am talking about pastel colors for fall.

Thursday, I introduced fall floral colors (link here). You can still wear floral patterns even in the fall. Guess what? You can also wear pastel colors in the fall and going into winter. Pastel colors for fall is something I have honestly never thought of till recently. My rose quartz slouchy tunic changed my mind because not only it is warmer for cooler temperatures but I can pair it with another pastel shade as well. The slouchy tunic is suppose to be larger so you can layer or keep it simple with a scarf.  That is what I did with this look. I added another pastel shade with a light blue scarf and I kept it simple with some super comfortable black leggings (only $11) and my black sneakers.

This Rose Quartz slouchy tunic is super versatile for running errands or hanging out in the evening. It is super comfortable. The best part is that it is only $24 dollars for my readers. Shop the Mint was gracious enough to extend the offer to my readers with all their slouchy tunics at only $24. Normally, this offer would only be open on Sundays for regular online shoppers but for you, you can order any of the casual tunics any day for $24. Shop the Mint and I are collaborating but they sure wanted me to pass on the info. I think it’s a great deal. I have the link below that you can use in order to get the discount on other items. They have assured me this is the method.

Finally, feel free to add your own twist on pastel colors for fall. Don’t be afraid to mix it up. I am a huge fan of all the traditional fall colors myself but don’t write off pastel colors. Incorporate them into you fall wardrobe to mix up the game.

Here is the link for discounts at Shop the Mint click here

Slouchy Tunic – Shop the Mint :  Scarf – Target : Leggings – Forever 21 : Sneakers – Michael Kors (similar here)

Love, Naomi Noel



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