Perfect Lace Up Tunic Sweater

Berry Lace Up Tunic Sweater and Ripped Denim Jeans

A Berry Colored Lace Up Tunic Sweater

Sweater and Denim Jeans

Berry Lace up Tunic Sweater

Lace Up Tunic Berry Colored Sweater

Berry Cold Shoulder Tunic Sweater

Lace Up Berry Colored Tunic Sweater

Lace Up Tunic Sweater (in purple and in grey here ) : Distressed JeansHandbag ( same brand & similar) : Earrings (same but different color) : Sunglasses : Pumps : Lipstick

Happy Monday! Did you catch the Solar Eclipse? I didn’t get to see it but I did watch NASA on Facebook live. It was so fascinating. Fast fact, I thought I was going to major in Meteorology or some type of or Earth Science degree when I went to college. I have always loved studying it as a hobby. But anyways I was a total nerd today freaking out lol.

This time of year I always fight the feeling of going full-fledged fall fashion but at the same time keeping it practical. It is cooler than 100 in a lot of the country so I am told lol. Sweaters start to creep in this time of year. Almost every woman loves pink so going into the fall, fuchsia or berry color tops and sweaters are the way to go. The tone is perfect for this time of year when wardrobes tend to be warmer or jewel tone colors. That’s what I love about this berry/fuchsia pink lace up tunic sweater. It is a perfect color for this time of year.

Also I love that it is lace up tunic sweater which I have been buying a lot of lace up tops and sweaters this year. Having a tunic style sweater is awesome too because I can wear it with skinny jeans or low rise jeans.  Overall tunic sweaters have a looser and longer fit which is great for cooler temperatures.

Let’s talk about these jeans. I love these jeans because they are really flattering on. I am always impressed with Express jeans. These are actually the regular size but they come in short. It might have been better if I got the short but they only had regular in the store. They do fit true to size but if you want a true cropped jean fit then consider the short sizing unless you are 5.7 and taller.

Have a great evening!


Love, Naomi Noel