Pink Cowl Neck Sweater to Wear Now Through Spring

Pink Sweater and Pink Scarf

Pink Cowl Neck Sweater for Fall, Winter, and Spring

Cozy Pink Sweater and Pink Plaid Scarf

Pink Sweater and Pink Scarf for Fall and Winter and Spring

Pink Plaid Fringe Scarf and Pink Sweater

Pink Cowl Neck Sweater and Pink Scarf

Pink Cowl Neck Sweater

Pink Cowl Neck Sweater (2 other colors too) : Scarf White Jeans (similar) : Handbag (similar) : Booties (similar here and here) : Sunglasses : Lipstick : Nail Polish

Today I’m a sharing the coziest pink cowl neck sweater that is perfect for Fall or winter wardrobe. Read more for details.

Pink sweaters are one of the things you can never go wrong with. I actually got this sweater before the pink chenille sweater in posted in Tuesday’s post. But I didn’t realize how many pink items I was buying back to back till later. Literally I bought pink scarfs, beanies, and cardigans. Have you ever realized how much of one color you are buying? Oh well. Anyways I couldn’t resist this cozy pink cowl neck sweater for many reasons.

I like the hint of purple tint to it. It is more of a pastel pink which is actually pretty for winter and spring. Winter pastel colors and neutrals are basically all I wear so this is a great sweater to wear in the winter. In the Spring, the cold tends to hang on sometimes even in April so it’s important to have cozy warm sweaters on hand. Also what I do like about this sweater as well is that it is not bulky. It’s very easy to layer under a coat or jacket. You can layer like I did with a warm scarf for extra warmth around the neck. Finally, I can style white jeans especially for winter and spring or keep it classic with blue denim. It really is a great sweater to make your own.

Thank for checking out today’s style post! Next week, it’s all about the holiday attire. I will be sharing my holiday looks and another holiday look that I’m sure you will love. Stay tuned!

Love, Naomi Noel