Why This Ruffle Cold Shoulder Sweater is Good Year Round

Pink Ruffle Cold Shoulder Sweater and Jeans

Shoulder Sweater and Jeans

Pink Ruffle Cold Shoulder Sweater

Pink Ruffle Cold Shoulder Sweater for Year Round

The Best Pink Ruffle Cold Shoulder Sweater

Ruffle Cold Shoulder Sweater and Denim Jeans

 Ruffle Cold Shoulder Sweater

Ruffle Cold Shoulder Sweater (other colors too) : Jeans : Handbag : Booties (other colors) Earrings : Sunglasses : Lipstick

Happy Friday! I know what you might be thinking from the title. How is this ruffle cold shoulder sweater good for year round? I got you covered.

Today the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opens to the public. Items are only on sale now through the 5th of August. Items sell out in hours sometimes.  This sweater is a part of the sale. I also have a summer dress I posted from the sale here and another beautiful dressy casual look here.

What I do love about this ruffle cold shoulder sweater first is the color. Let’s be real the color lead me to put this in the cart asap. The shade is a purple pink if that makes sense. It is more of a blush pink but it seems to have a hint of purple. It is gorgeous! When I wore it for the photoshoot I was surprised that it wasn’t super heavy. Mind you I sure did sweat taking the pictures outside in 95 degree weather but it was doable.

The material is light enough to wear with shorts or a skirt right now especially if you don’t live in a super hot climate like Houston. It is good for a dinner look or something inside right now in the summer. I have no idea why inside places like restaurants are cold. You can wear this pink sweater in the fall as well with booties or boots. You can transition it into winter with a coat over it. This sweater is even good for spring because it is a pastel color so it’s perfect to pair with white denim jeans. This sweater is versatile and just the perfect sweater for year round.

OK the gorgeous pink velvet handbag is part of the sale. The booties are as well and they come in blush so I expect these to sell out fast. The jeans fit true to size. They aren’t true skinny jeans as you can see extra material on my leg but they are super comfy and perfect with booties or flats.

Love, Naomi Noel