How to Style A Pearl Sweatshirt for Fall, Winter, or Spring

Cute Pearl Embellished Puff Sleeve Sweatshirt

 Puff Sleeve Sweatshirt with Grey Jeans

Pearl Embellished Puff Sleeve Sweatshirt with Grey Jeans

Pearl Embellished Puff Sleeve Sweatshirt

Beautiful Pearl Embellished Puff Sleeve Sweatshirt

Sweatshirt and Denim Style

Pearl Detailed Sweatshirt for Fall Winter and Spring

Pearl Embellished Sweatshirt and Street Style

Pearl Sweatshirt : Grey Jeans : Suede Booties : Velvet Handbag : Newsboy Hat : Earrings : Lipstick : Nail Polish

Today’s Tuesday Treat is a super cute Pearl Sweatshirt with adorable pearl and diamond embellished details. Read more to find out how to style the pearl sweatshirt for multiple seasons.

The other day I was online shopping and I had way too much in my cart per usual. I knew I needed to start deleting some things. I was in between 2 tops so I ran a poll on my Instagram. Thank you for voting because y’all picked this pearl sweatshirt. Honestly I was leaning more to this top anyways so y’all just confirmed it for me lol. There are few things better than comfy sweatshirt material with fun puff sleeves and pearl and diamond embellishment. Somehow that is just top goals wrapped all up into one right?

Besides the obvious cuteness of the top, I do think it’s practical because It can be styled different ways. It can also be styled for different seasons. Neutral colors are good for year round and this top is a neutral color. The ivory off white shade would be perfect with a grey or black coat in the winter with some over the knee boots and denim.  It is also great for spring with maybe blush pink loafers or flats. The color is perfect to mix with jewel tones like maybe wearing the pearl sweatshirt with olive jeans or burgundy jeans right now.

It is easy to style different ways. If you are going for a comfort look, you can add some joggers or jeans and your favorite sneakers. You can also wear this pearl sweatshirt for work with a fit a flare or pleated skirt especially for the holidays coming up. You could wear them with dress pants. The sweatshirt could be completely dressed up with heels as well. There is really so many ways you can style this sweatshirt. Just for reference, I did get the size XS which is what I normally wear.

Love, Naomi Noel