My Summer Favorites and Travel Essentials

summer favorites


Summer is in full blast here in Houston though it is not technically the 1st day of summer yet lol. Today’s post is some of my summer favorites and really must haves for the warm weather. I also will be using the items when I travel this weekend. The accessories are cute stuff that I just got recently got. I love the sunglasses and the adorable flip-flops that are from the girls department. Hey I can wear them and they are cheaper win win. When you click on the click you will see plenty of cute options. The products however are stuff I have been using for a long time and I swear by them so not this is not sponsored lol.

       Starting with Garnier Moroccan Oil Treatment, I use this before I straighten my hair and it acts as a coating so the heat doesn’t damage my hair as much. I use it after I straighten my hair to add that nice shine. I use in the summer even more so because I don’t like using hairspray as much. Hairspray can get very cakey and dry out my hair because most hairsprays have alcohol in them. I use the Moroccan oil instead to smooth out my pesky baby hairs and overall hair, especially since I wear my hair up in a bun or ponytail 99% of the entire summer season. Also when you live in a very humid city like Houston, frizz is no joke so this helps!

       Next, the Australian Gold Spray is amazing to use when you are sun tanning or going to the beach. It has SPF so it is a sunscreen but it also has bronzer already mixed in the spray. I love that. It is not too dark either so the bronzer just makes you golden not tiger stripe looking. It also has a nice coconut smell, which is great because tanner products usually smell awful. The Australian Gold Spray also comes in higher SPF’s. I personally can get away with a very low SPF but I know most of my gal pals burn easily :(. Additionally, the Jergens Natural Glow Lotion you can use just as everyday lotion. I usually mix it with my regular lotion. It is nice especially during the winter months when I’m paler. It also comes in a darker shade if you already have a base tan. I do not go to tanning beds or have spray tans so both these tanning products just give me a golden glow so I am not Pillsbury Dough Girl.

       Finally, the Eau Roma Water is a toner water spray from the amazing Lush Cosmetics. I use this daily before I put on my moisturizer. It has rose which is good for calming down redness and irritation. It also has lavender which is a soothing element. In the summertime, the sun can really suck out the moisture from your face and skin. It is a season where if you have rosacea like me, being out in the heat and sun can really flare it up. This toner water is perfect for sensitive skin and any skin type. I like the travel size so I can just spray it on my face during the day to keep my skin happy.  Hope you enjoyed this! Links below.

Aviators – Charming Charlie : White Sunglasses – Forever 21 (similar here)  : Garnier Moroccan Oil Treatment – here (really any drugstore or Ulta) : Australian Gold Spray – here : Jergens Natural Glow Lotion – here : Eau Roma Water Toner Spray – here : Popsicle Flip Flops – Old Navy




Love, Naomi Noel



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  1. Loving all your summer faves babe! Those flip flops and shades are so cute. I should try that Moroccan oil! It looks amazing.

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