Texas Road Trip: Things to do in Brenham, Texas


Road trips are always fun. Texas is so big that I could take multiple road trip  for a while and still discover new places in my home state. This summer I went back to a cute little town that is now my favorite local place to visit. If you are looking for fun things to do in Texas or road trips to take in Texas, this is a great resource. Even if you just want to look at pictures of this cute town called Brenham, Texas read on.

Brenham, Texas is a tiny historic town (took me 2 hours outside of Houston) that is still very much like it was back in the 1900’s. It has so much history from museums, to vintage cars, to adorable old buildings with lots of Southern charm. The food there is amazing and so much so that I would literally go back just to eat. Here is a summary of things to do in Brenham, Texas.

Brenham Texas Downtown


When I first  went to Brenham, Texas with my family, it was to see the famous Texas Blue Bonnets. They come out during March/April. It was chilly when we went in mid March and the Blue Bonnets weren’t in full bloom. But the Blue Bonnets are worth a sole trip to see. We had fun stopping along the road to beautiful fields, like the field featured above and cool art walls.

We visited the Lavender Farm. I can still smell the awesomeness. Some other amazing places we saw were the museums. Finally, we ate at an absolutely amazing restaurant called Southern Flyer.  I wish I had more pics. It is a diner set in the 1950’s. The waitresses even wear full on 1950s’ poodle skirts and everything. The burger pictured is one of the best I have had.  I also had a yummy shake. You have to check out the restaurant click here.

Brenham Texas and Chappell Hill Texas

Brenham Texas and Chappell Hill Texas

Brenham Texas and Chappell Hill Texas

The second time I went to Brenham, Texas was this summer.  There is so much to see even along the road like this cooler than cool 1950’s Pink and Black Ford. I love vintage cars and it’s pink so I took so many pictures of it.  There were other vintage cars just there from a shop that refinishes cars. It was located right behind an antique shop in Chappell Hill (right outside Brenham).


Giddings Wilkin House Museum Brenham Texas

Inside Giddings Wilkin House Museum

One of the main reasons for going to Brenham the second time was to tour the historic homes. The pictures above are the 3 mansions (one is the oldest home in Brenham) that are now converted into tours and museums. They have most of the original furniture inside and cool things like old beauty tools. It is a dream to step into history like that. It may not look huge on the outside but inside there are stories that will captivate your heart. I felt like I knew more about the families after leaving. Here is the link for the tours.

Giddings Stone Mansion in Brenham Texas

I have a  funny story. We never got a chance to tour this huge, beautiful mansion (pictures do not do it justice) above completely because, well we were wedding crashers instead. That seemed way more fun lol. Back story: My mom called ahead of time to make sure there was nothing booked for this mansion. This was her birthday road trip. They swore it was totally available to tour. So we rolled up innocently to this mansion with the tour guide in tow. We got a few looks from random strangers like, “Do I know You”? We quickly realized that a wedding was about to start. Whoops. We talked to the groomsmen and they said we were fine to tour the mansion for a little bit. What did they know lol. We went inside and there was hustle and bustle. There were decorations there and photographers everywhere. I’m making this sound like a poem but it was that funny. The bride was getting ready upstairs and we knew if we stayed longer, we would get put to work haha. We awkwardly left as quickly as we arrived. I’m a wedding crasher now 🙂

Brenham Texas food

BT Longhorn SteakHouse Brenham Texas

Brenham Texas food

Must Be Heaven Diner

Must Be Heaven Diner inside Brenham Texas

Brenham Texas sign outside Must Be Heaven Diner

Last but not least the food on my second trip to Brenham. We had lunch at the delicious and friendly restaurant BT Longhorn Steakhouse and Seafood.  If the picture doesn’t make your mouth water,  I don’t know what to say lol. I cleaned the plate. Their fries were so good. Everything was good including the service. We had dessert after on to cool off (that’s the real reason right). Brenham is home to Blue Bell Creameries which is a southern ice cream brand (mostly Texas), that is unlike anything else. It is sacred. It is our choice drug (for real). It is the best of the best. Creamiest ice cream ever. We had some yummy Blue Bell Ice Cream cones bigger than my face at a place called Must Be Heaven. They are so on point with that name. They have a whole dessert and ice cream bar. Oh yeah they have food too there but extra right?

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you are ever near Houston, it is worth the little drive outside the limits to see this precious town. If you are a Texan, you need to visit Brenham not just during Blue Bonnet season. For even more fun stuff to do in Brenham click here





Love, Naomi Noel



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