What’s in a Name? The Story Behind the Name Finite1


Finite: – having a limited nature or existence, having definite or definable limits, restricted.

     Years ago, I was having a conversation with my mom about my future plans. I was a high school sophomore at the time. There were goals and ideas I had for the future, but I was worried and so uncertain about my life. I remember the beautiful words my mom told me that day, “Naomi, we’re finite, God’s infinite”. That moment something inside of me ignited. It’s crazy to explain but those words were so powerful to me and they have stuck with me all these years. That day even as a 15 year old, I remember telling my mom that I was going to use the name “Finite” for something someday. Little did I know how much that word would be a symphony of my life.

     In the Bible it talks about how our life is but a vapor or a mist that is here today and gone tomorrow. (Psalms 103; James 4:14). The very genesis of humans is finite. We were crafted and shaped out of dust but when God breathed life into us, we become endowed with greatness. We were born with unending potential, but life has a way of making us only focus on how finite we are. Even at times when we are broken or we have gone down a wrong path and gotten lost along the way, God still loves us unconditionally, unrestricted, and unrestrained. When we are limited, God is unlimited. When we are fragile, God is all powerful. When we stumble, God picks us up. When we make a mess of things, God creates beauty out of our mess. When we are afraid, God is peace. When we are lonely, God is our comfort.

     The thought that we are finite may seem a bit discouraging. But when you think about how fragile life is and how quickly life passes by; it makes us realize how precious life is. It makes us realize how every moment counts and how responsible we should be with our time here on earth. Because life is finite, it should beg the question of “who do I want to be” and “what legacy do I want to leave behind”. Maybe in your life right now you carry many regrets. Maybe you do not like who you have become. You may feel like you have wasted too much time and have made too many mistakes. You may feel like you have no hope left for the journey. I want to tell you that it is not over. The story of your life is still being written. It is never too late to start anew.

     In closing, I do not know what all God will do with this website and the name Finite1 but I give it all to him. After all, I am the finite one but I thank God that he is the infinite one.

Infinite: – subject to no limitation or external determination, unbounded, and indefinitely, inconceivably, great and extensive.



Love, Naomi Noel



23 thoughts on “What’s in a Name? The Story Behind the Name Finite1

  1. Hi Naomi, what a great and touching post. One of the best quotes I’ve heard from a writer Paulo Coelho is, “Courage. By beginning the journey with that word and continuing with faith in God, you will arrive wherever you need to arrive.” It’s going to a wonderful journey for you. I wish you the best of everything! xoxo

  2. Hi Naomi,
    I stumbled upon you when you started following my IG account, Things 2 Hope 4. Immediately, I knew there was something special about you and reading your first blog post just confirmed it. What a beautiful and honest introduction to your site. I tried subscribing to your newsletter, but I’m not sure if it was successful. Either way you have a new Finite1 follower. I pray that Yahweh continues to lead and bless you on your journey. Congrats – Nichole

  3. So beautiful Naomi. I can’t describe to you how touching it is to have a sister in faith as strong as yours. You will do amazing things for God’s glory and after reading your post I feel confident I can be there too. Thank you for sharing your encouraging story.

  4. I LOVE this. I do not know how old you are currently but I CAN tell you that you have wisdom beyond your years. What a beautiful story. God will bless this beautiful little blog of yours. ?

  5. The beauty of this life is the enexpected joys that God can bring. When In doubt God gives us clarity. I love this Naomi, God is going to do wonderful things in your life. I’m blessed to be your friend.

  6. Excellent reminder of an important truth about God and His people! May God Bless the work of your hands here via this blog and everywhere He sends you/uses you for His Kingdom and glory! Stay true and faithful to your first love always…Jesus. Blessings in Him!

  7. Write your story as God dictates for He will bless you as well as those of us who will read it. We begin with a step, a word, a whisper. He will give us all that is needed if we will listen, be obedient, and love Him. I am grateful you are a neighbor at Cisneros Cafe today.

  8. Naomi,
    Thank you for linking up to Open Mic Monday for the soul at Cisneros Cafe. I pray over your writing journey and your blog. I love what your mom said about us being finite. I ask this question of myself often, “What legacy do I want to leave behind?” God has a mighty plan. I don’t always see what it is, but am grateful he’s in control. I used to think I was in control and it was not a great situation. Ha. God sifts me daily. Have a blessed week and I hope to see you again soon. I welcome you to link again each Monday. xoxo

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