Top 10 Summer Must Haves : Summer Style Guide

Summer Must Haves

Denim Button Down (also in dark wash) : Shorts : Wedges : Satchel : Sunglasses : Earrings (similar)

1. Button Down Shirts (short sleeve or sleeveless)

Button Down sleeveless or short sleeve shirts have been a summer staple of mine for a long time. What I love about button down tops is that they are easy to wear and cover everything including bra straps. Even with summer tops sometimes, if they are low cute I wear a cami underneath but hello that’s extra heat. With buttons downs, it’s not necessary to wear a cami under if it’s a good quality button down top.

Another thing I love about button down tops like the two I am wearing (coral below) is that they are usually lightweight as well. Also I can mix and match these button down tops all summer long. Sorry again about the wrinkles. I am awful about steaming and hanging my clothes when I shoot blog photos. After seeing these pictures, I am embarrassed and immediately took them to get steamed professionally lol.

Denim Button Dowm Top with a Tie Front

Denim Button Down Top with Denim Shorts

2. Denim Shorts

This is a basic summer essential. Denim shorts come in a variety of shades and styles but I tend to go for medium or dark wash. I can dress denim shorts up with wedges like this look or super casual with sandals. It can sometimes be a challenge to find cute shorts that cover without the butt cheeks saying hello. That’s why I love these Topshop shorts. They are cute and I don’t have to worry about my butt hanging out. Another favorite of mine are these shorts from Express. I just got them and will feature them on my blog or Instagram in the future. Check both out!

Coral Button Down Top with White Denim

Coral Button Down Top and White Denim Shorts

Coral Button Down Top with White Denim Shorts

Buttom Down Top (also in white) : White Shorts : Earrings : Tote : Sandals (taupe and black too)

3. White Shorts

Another essential on a summer must haves list are white shorts. I do love white shorts in the summer especially with colored tops. It is a challenge to again find shorts that cover the butt but are not baggy. It is an interesting balance but I love these Topshop shorts. I can wear them with the coral button down top like I have or a t- shirt or even a nice blouse. Also the shorts are not super thin so that is a really good bonus.

Red Off the Shoulder Maxi Dress

Beautiful Red Off the Shoulder Maxi Dress

Beautiful Red Off the Shoulder Maxi Dress

Red Off the Shoulder Maxi Dress


Red Off the Shoulder Maxi Dress (in petite too) : Straw Fedora Hat : Lipstick : Earrings : Sandals

4. Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are beautiful to wear year round but summer maxi dresses are an extra element of fun. The summer time is about going all out on bright colored maxi dresses and bold prints. Gosh I feel in love with this red off the shoulder maxi and put it in my shopping cart in seconds. Also I got it in petite. It is a challenge to find maxi dresses for ladies that are not tall so I was so grateful to find this one.  Honestly I would have hemmed it even if it didn’t come in petite.  I love it that much. It is a perfect addition to your summer wardrobe.

White Lace Midi Dress


Belted Lace Midi Dress

White Lace Midi Dress for Summer

White Belted Lace Midi Dress

Lace Midi Dress : Floppy Hat : Earrings : Lipstick : Sandals : Handbag (older Michael Kors similar linked)

5. White Midi Dress

Another important summer must have is a white midi dress. Wearing a white mid dress in summer is beautiful and so feminine.  A white midi dress is perfect for summer because it is so versatile. It is versatile because you could wear it to a wedding, dinner, church, or a special occasion. A midi dress fits at just the right length too. A white lace midi dress is another level. I really love the belted detail of this white lace midi dress that accentuates the waist.

6. Straw Fedora Hat and Floppy Hat (see above and below in this post)

One of the best things about summer is hats. Straw hats and natural colored hats go with everything in summer. A straw fedora hat as you can see with the red off the shoulder maxi dress (above) and the denim shirtdress (below) is essential. A good floppy hat is perfect paired with a white lace midi dress (above) or for a day at the beach. I have already worn both hats a lot and you will get so much wear out of them too.

7. Wedge Sandals

Wedges are always a good idea year round but open toe sandal wedges during the summer is a must. The ones I am wearing I have worn tons of times since getting them. You need them. I do not trust a lot of shoes brands for real but I trust this shoe brand. You can see for yourself on the reviews. People are in love with them. You have already seen them in several blog posts and Instagram posts and I’ll be wearing them over and over till boot season arrives. They go with everything and are so so comfy.

8. Sandals

Let’s talk about sandals. Sandals are the most popular shoes during summer usually. The sandals I love the most are ones that are black or tan colored because they go with everything. I also love gladiator type of sandals because they immediately add style to an outfit. The best kinds of sandals in my opinion are ones that zip on. If you are vacationing, walking a lot, or just using your feet at all this summer lol, you need some zip on sandals. These zip on ones I am wearing with the coral top and red maxi dress cover the back of the heel so they don’t rub and the inside is super soft. Best sandals on the planet.

9. Tan/Natural Colored Handbag

A tan or natural colored handbag is good year round but especially during the summer when you tend to wear either brighter colors or neutral light colors. I love big handbags but sometimes it’s a bit much to carry it around especially in the heat of summer. But crossbodies are usually too small for me to carry everything. This satchel handbag in this blog post (above and below) pictured is a miracle because it’s a happy middle. It is big enough to carry a lot of my items and even a small water but it doesn’t get as heavy as my other totes. This satchel is great that it’s not too dressy or too casual either.

Denim Shirtdress

Casual Denim Shirtdress

Best Denim Shirtdress

Summer Denim Shirtdress


Denim Shirtdress

Denim Shirtdress : Wedges : Handbag : Sandals : Earrings : Fedora Hat : Lipstick

10. Denim Shirtdress (sleeveless or short sleeve)

Last but not leas a important summer must haves item are Denim shirtdresses are always a good idea but in summer time a short sleeve or sleeveless one is a must. It is easy to slip into. It is versatile and comfortable. A denim shirtdress can be worn dressier like the example I have with my heels or with wedges and sandals for a more casual look. I love having breathing space too when it is hot. A denim sleeveless or short sleeve shirtdress is literally the easiest and best grab and go summer essential.

Thank you for reading todays post on my 10 summer must haves summer style guide. As you can see, I really was able to mix and match these pieces a lot. All of the pieces I talked about I really shopped around and tried on a bunch of options. These were the best of the best. Let me know what questions you have!

Love, Naomi Noel



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  1. So many great Summer pieces in these looks! I just bought these Topshop short and am so happy to hear you like them! You look beautiful all the looks! XO

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  3. I love all your picks, especially those cut off white shorts and red maxi! Such standout pieces!! xo, Jessica

  4. I love the denim on denim look and that white dress is stunning on you! Thanks for sharing babe!

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  5. This is a great summer guide. I definitely think all of these are essential for summer

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