Be Still Clothing: When Blogging is Not About The Money


Happy Weekend! Today I am going to be introducing you to a brand I love. I am  also getting really honest here about when blogging is not about the money.

My outfit of the day features a boutique called Be Still Clothing Company. The name is beautiful and I think it is not an accident that I am posting this today. I have just spent 3 hours on the phone with my internet service that has gone out again and again. It has been an ongoing issue for weeks. But I am reminded to “Be Still” and remember that it will all work out. Peace is a choice in the midst of chaos. I have this exact graphic tee linked below as well as my other outfit dets. Check out Marissa and Robin’s Shop Be Still. They have other cute items besides graphic tees. Some them some support!

Ok so let’s get real. Blogging is a business no doubt. One of the best things that I learned early on is that partnering with brands that you care about is most important. Working with brands that you care about and that they care about you is called a partnership. As a new or establish blogger this is a concept to always keep in mind. I don’t always get compensated for working with a brand, but if I care about the brand and they have represented themselves well, I will work with them.  Brands are the same way. Have you ever thought of it that way? Some brands are not all about the clicks or just making money (it is rare I feel ya). Sure they need money to keep their business going. But brands also care about brand awareness. They want to get their name out there to the right people that will come back time and time again. They want to build their audience.

Bloggers should also have this approach. If you just have people buying something from you then leaving on their merry way, then that’s was not really your audience. That was just buyers.

Bloggers you are a brand in your own right. When brands are reaching out to you and you are reaching out to brands, keep this partnership value concept in mind. I am new to this blogging thing but I am learning to partner with the right brands because, this is the time when blogging is not about the money.


when blogging is not about the money

Graphic Tee – Be Still Clothing Company : Jeans –Levi’s : Sneakers – (2 other colors) – Ugg 

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Love, Naomi Noel



25 thoughts on “Be Still Clothing: When Blogging is Not About The Money

  1. Hello Naomi,

    Thanks for bringing a new perspective of how to view partnership between bloggers and the brand.
    I love how you carry yourself well representing Be Still.

    Much love,

  2. one, I love the tee! But I totally agree, girl! I don’t want to be a cut-throat blogger, but I do want to represent brands and shops and items that I like and believe in and I want to show them support. It isn’t always about getting paid. But its a tricky balance about making sure you are respected and deciding when not being compensated is worth it. Love it!

    1. Yes very true. Oh yes getting compensated for good work is so important no doubt but I wanted to write something about when its not focused on that and when you have other goals when doing a partnership. Each is good for balance 🙂

  3. I love to partner with brands that I love and if they want to pay even better! I think there always has to be a happy balance. If the brand I want to partner with doesn’t demand too much and I love them I’ll probably work with them but they’ll agree to share my content on social. I guess my perspective is skewed a bit too because I try to stay authentic but am trying to build a business too. Thanks for this post; got me thinking!

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