Whimsical Summer Midi Dress

Whimsical Summer Midi Dress

Beautiful Summer Midi Dress

Whimsical Summer Midi Ruffle Dress

Summer Ruffle Midi Dress

Beautiful Summer Midi Ruffle Dress

Whimsical Summer Dress

Summer Midi Ruffle Dress

Ruffle Midi Dress : Handbag : Heels (final sale): Earrings : Lipstick

I feel like my blog and my Instagram feed have been fighting each other on who is going to win. Either summer or fall outfits is the battle going on lol. Summer still wins because we are full blazing hot in summer. But all the amazing fall styles I have found from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has been fun to feature on my blog and Insta.

I have always loved Midi Dresses. And I will always love you ok now I’m signing Whitney Houston song. My mind is full of song lyrics plus this is what happens when you do a blog post late lol. Anyhow Midi dresses are the perfect length for any occasion and any height. I featured a gorgeous Lace Midi Dress on my top 10 items summer style guide here. But today’s gorgeous tropical summer vibe dress is totally whimsical. I love the ruffle hemline on the bottom. The popover bodice is just so perfect and feminine. You really don’t have to do much with this summer midi dress. This dress is whimsical in every sense and I can’t get enough of it.

Ok so I have an announcement that I have an announcement later. What? Lol. This post today is the last post on my current blog. My blog is getting a new home! By home I mean a whole new name!! Yes for real. It’s been on my heart for a year and I totally put it aside. I feel like I’m really at a place with blogging where I have defined what I like and what I want to do with it moving forward. It’s quite a lot of work behind the scenes so my developer and I will be working on it. It’s a ton more than just changing the name. So bear with me for the next like 2 ish weeks. I will not be posting new blog posts but I promise I’m not going anywhere and will keep you updated on my Instagram. Thank you for your support. I read every comment and just love connecting with everyone. You mean so much to me! Thank you again!


Love, Naomi Noel