Why It Is Important to Love Yourself

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       Have you ever seen an interview of a famous person, where the interviewer asks the famous person, if they could give advice to their younger self, what it would be? If you would have asked me that same question a few years ago, I would have told you something positive yet sincere. I would have told you something worth hash tagging “quote of the day” or posting with a nice Tumblr picture. But it would have lacked the depth of what I have come to know with time and experience. My response today would be, love yourself.

       In your life, especially in young adulthood, you meet a lot of temporary people. You meet those who you thought would be there forever, but in reality they were just passing through. Some of your relationships grow stronger and some relationships grow apart. The general consensus, however, is that everyone is really trying to figure out what they want to do and how to work this crazy system we call “adulthood”. If we are not careful, we can lose ourselves in the midst of the hustle and bustle of trying to get somewhere and trying to be someone. Most often the first thing that we lose is loving ourselves.

         Some people think that loving yourself is conceited and wrong. Some people believe that you cannot love yourself and remain humble. Those who believe they are a hero thinking less of themselves are the ones who need saving the most. They wear a badge of false humility but they do not realize how much they are dishonoring themselves. Do not do a disservice to yourself by  disrespecting your own self.

       Loving yourself does not mean you think your better than anyone else, it means that you honor and respect who you are and you know what you can bring to the table. So love yourself. Celebrate who you are and what you can offer. Maybe you do not know yet what all you have to offer. That’s ok. Maybe your heart is trying to heal from someone who made you believe that you are not worth loving. Healing takes time. No matter what someone said or even how you feel, it doesn’t negate from the fact that you are worth celebrating!

       Why is it important to love yourself? Because while you are trying to figure out what to do in life or even who you want to be with, you have to start by believing in yourself first. Get excited about your goals and dreams. Be the director of your own fan club. Pick up the pom poms and root for yourself. Buy season tickets to your own show. If you have an audience already, then great. If you do not have an audience yet, then keep striving. The right people will come and celebrate and love who you are.

       Whether or not you have a Valentine when Valentine’s Day comes or you’re married to your forever Valentine, do not stop loving yourself.

It may be a struggle some days but do not make it a habit thinking less of yourself. Do yourself a favor, grab an extra bag of chocolates, go buy a new pair of shoes or re watch your favorite flick. Treat yourself and be content within. Work on loving you…..Beautiful, Awesome and Talented You!

(image by me – my hand and my leaf)

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Love, Naomi Noel



19 thoughts on “Why It Is Important to Love Yourself

  1. Yes, Beautiful Words! We all should practice loving ourselves as Christ loves us so much…and practice loving one another all the more as Christ loves and has given His all for us. There are a lot of really good people out there who are misjudged or misunderstood or who misjudged themselves. It’s hard to love ourselves and hard to love others sometimes and not misjudge others but that’s what we’re called to do in Christ. Keep up the good work! I’m sure God will be proud to see you continue to put into practice what He teaches and communicates through you.

      1. Blessings! Always good to remember in all circumstances especially as followers of Christ! You’re most welcome. Keep being faithful to His Calling on your life and love Him and the Body with all that is wihin you! Take Care!

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