Why Shirtdresses are the Best for Any Day

Perfect Caramel Shirtdress


Caramel Shirtdress from Rachel Parcell Line

Caramel Shirtdress and Baby Pink Handbag

Caramel Shirtdress with Pink Handbag and Pink Mules

Caramel Shirtdress by Rachel Parcell

Caramel Shirtdress

Carmel Shirtdress : Red Shirtdress (same dress ) : Blue Shirtdress (same dress ) : Handbag : Earrings  and similar : Mules : Sunglasses

Shirtdresses are everything. But seriously I can’t get enough of them especially this time of year when it’s warmer. So today’s posts is highlighting my love for shirtdresses.

First of all, shirtdresses are flattering on any lady. I love that fact don’t you? Also I love how versatile shirtdresses are. You can wear them with wedges, flats, sandals, heels or even boots for fall. That takes the idea of versatility to another level. Shirtdresses are flattering as well. I love the button up aspect of this Carmel shirtdresses I am wearing. I’m all about things that I can slip into.

The dress is by one of my favorite bloggers Rachel Parcell. I love her clothing line. When I first saw this dress, I set my alarm for the official release lol. It is a must have for your wardrobe. It was my first time getting a hold of my size since I started looking into her clothing line in spring. Honestly I have no clue where I have been for the other months she has had the line available. But anyways I was super impressed how fast it came and the tracking information to and from ordering it. The quality is there as well.

The size I got was XS. It was a little extra room but not baggy. Rachel Parcell actually released this same shirtdress in blue and red today. I promise I didn’t know or plan this post around that lol. Anyways the new colors are perfect for Fourth of July or summer in general.

Let me know if you have any questions. This post was not sponsored. I truly love Rachel Parcell’s clothing line. I’m always obsessed with shirtdress so this combined the best of both worlds!


Love, Naomi Noel



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  1. Thrilled the shirtwaist has made a comeback. My grandmother and mother had matching light pink shirtwaists when I was a child and I just love when they both wore them together. You look really nice in yours.

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