Black Velvet Ruffle Coat : A Modern Victorian/Romantic Look


Happy New Year’s Eve to you and your family! Today I am wrapping up this year with a classic and sophisticated look. Today’s post is all about this Black Velvet Ruffle Coat.

Velvet has been one of the hottest trends this year. This trend really picked up in the fall but it is also still popular this winter season. Velvet is classic and timeless. Any woman can pull off the velvet trend. Read more velvet inspiration here. In addition to the winter season upon us, ladies want to be fashionable but also stay warm. This black velvet ruffle coat does the trick. I love how cozy it is on. It did seem like it would not be warm enough but that is not the case. It is also a coat versus a jacket so it also does cover more of you for warmth. Also the ruffle details on the sleeves are so fun and they give off this Victorian/Romantic vibe.


Victorian Romantic Inspired Look


Next, I paired the black velvet ruffle coat with a basic white turtleneck. I wanted to keep the outfit very sophisticated and clean cut. Next, the wide leg black pants added the flare literally this outfit needed. It actually was quite a challenge to find wide leg pants or trouser pants. Each website I was going to, they were sold out of my size or most sizes. Also most of the wide leg pants or flare pants all seemed really long. I found these pants to be a good balance for what I was looking for.

Finally, for accessories I added a pop of red to spice it up. The red pumps were actually quite comfortable. I bought some shoe pads to put in the pumps which I would recommend to do. The pads were from Aldo (< it is linked) but they may have them at department stores like Nordstrom. They help cushion your feet and kept your feed fresh. Lastly, the red necklace and earrings set in addition to the white jeweled wrist purse added the style details.



Thank you so much for reading and following along this year. This was my 1st year blogging and really I started blogging more consistently this fall. I wrote about my first 6 months of blogging here. I am learning something new everyday so I am so thankful you have hung in there with me. Next year, I plan to add lots more style guides and how to’s. Also I have gotten positive feedback from my life advice posts so I am going to be writing more. There could be some fun travel posts in the mix too. Thank you again and stay tuned. May 2017 be a wonderful year for you! Keep the faith!

Velvet Ruffle Coat (also in plus size ): Wide Leg Pants : White Turtleneck : Red Pumps (and direct shop link similar here): Red Necklace/Earrings Set : White Studded Wrist Purse

Love, Naomi Noel