Caffeine Queen Graphic Tee and My Coffee Story

Graphic Tee and Blue Jeans

Feeling the Monday Blues? Caffeine always comes to the rescue. This is why I am obsessed with my caffeine queen graphic tee.

Last week I mentioned that I am a brand rep for Riff Raff Shop. It is cool to represent a brand for a short time. Riff Raff has lot of amazing styles. Check out last week’s post with them is you missed it here. The causal options they offer on their site include graphic tees. I was obsessed with this one. It has sold out before and they got it in stock again. Currently not all sizes are available but do place yourself on the wait list. It is popular so I am sure they will restock again. They restocked when I wanted my size in it too. Please check it out.

Caffeine Queen Graphic Tee

Caffeine Queen Graphic Tee and Jeans

Caffeine particularly coffee is very much a part of my life now. It wasn’t always the case. I actually went all through college without drinking any coffee! That is hard to believe but it is true. I grew up with a mom who was very health conscious but also a lover of tea. So she started me on well my tea obsession that I still have. It wasn’t until grad school that I turned to coffee on a consistent basis.

In graduate school, I worked two jobs for most of my schooling. In addition to, I also traveled sometimes 5 hours a day between both jobs home and grad school. Houston is extremely spread out and huge so I was always on the road early morning and late nights. As a result, I would be filling up my car with gas 4 times a week. What doesn’t kill you make you stronger right. But I needed extra help so coffee became a necessity. Coffee is amazing to me now lol. Caffeine queen is something I would call myself now.

Caffeine Queen Graphic Tee

Graphic Tee with Jeans

The jeans I am wearing with the graphic tee are really comfortable. I am also wearing my pointed toe booties that I have been wearing for several months in blog posts lol. The other accessories have been featured in past blog post like the adorable pink handbag here. Thank you for reading my personal story. The caffeine queen graphic tee just made me think of my personal coffee journey haha. What is your story with coffee? When did you start really drinking coffee?

Graphic Tee – Riff Raff : Jeans : Jean Jacket : Booties (similar) : Handbag : Sunglasses

Love, Naomi Noel